What a day for a daydream…

I really do wish the recession would bite a little harder, so hard in fact that we return to 4 day working works as this 2 day weekend nonsense is just not long enough. Having spent the last week at work in a trance like, limbo-esque existence I arrived home on Friday so tired that I dozed off on the sofa while finishing the newspaper, no mean feat if you had ever sat on my sofa!  I woke up and retired to bed where I instantly woke up and lay tossing and turning for a few hours before waking on Saturday morning.

Today I decided to do what I had been planning on doing months ago, I searched around in the kitchen cupboard for the can of Mr Muscle oven cleaner I bought in October and set about…cleaning the oven, after all it’s Spring!  So once the oven was cleaned it gave me the excuse I needed to mop the floor, oh what an exciting life I lead here in Omneo Towers!

I’ve just watched a film I downloaded, Surveillance.  As soon as I saw the name Lynch appear in the opening credits I figured it wouldn’t be an ordinary film and I wasn’t wrong.  I do however wish I could watch a film for enjoyments sake instead of summing things up before the midway point. After about 40 minutes I’d decided whodunit and whilst I had to wait till the end for confirmation, I was right.  It was a good, dark film with just the right mix of humour, blood and suspense to make a Sunday evening bearable, that and the hot cross bun I had, lightly toasted of course.

Next week I think I’ll set about the garden, goodness knows it needs a good de-weeding and sooner or later I’m going to have to tackle the hedge.  I’ve just checked BBC news, Goody is still alive.  No news on whether or not she had custard for pudding which surprised me, we seem to hear about everything else she does.  How will we survive when she finally toddles off to meet Jesus??  Luckily for us Max Clifford has been busy multi-tasking and will no doubt wheel on the next non-entity for us to gawp over a week or two after we’ve forgotten who the hell Goody was.

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