Pot Pourri

So, this afternoon I was listening to last.fm, I was tuned into what it thinks are good recommendations based on what it has deduced from the 50,000 odd tracks I’ve scrobbled.  One of the tracks it came up with was Kate Perry’s I Kissed a Girl.  The first time I have actually heard the song after reading about it often enough, not quite sure I understand what all the fuss was about?!  I recall something along the lines of her parents frowning in disapproval… Jeezus it only had a catchy tune, it was hardly encouraging girls to rush out and start lesbian relationships, was it??  A funny thing struck me as I listened to it tho, there was a line in it that made me think that it could quite possibly be a great song for a homosexual guy.  Something along the line of, “I  kissed a girl and I think I liked it, I hope my boyfriend doesn’t find out” THAT would have been funny!!

Arsenal won today, 4-0 and now I am left hoping Spurs beat Villa tomorrow, when did I become a football fan?!  I also discovered Zattoo, kinda ironic, it gives you access to a lot of terrestrial TV stations and so I tuned in figuring that as it was Friday night, there had to be something on…WRONG! Fucking Comic Relief all night and some shit on ITV, Ch4 and Ch5… Now I remember why I don’t have a TV in the first place.  Comic Relief, it amazes me, people will go out of their way to avoid those chugger bastards that litter the high street, they will throw all manner of emotion laden direct mail literature in the bin without opening it yet when the BBC dedicates a days broadcasting to helping people overseas people can’t wait to empty their wallets.  For some reason we seem to care more about the poor overseas than the poor in this country but of course we care about animals more than people so I guess that makes it all right then!

Who is watching the Watchmen? Well, Mr Omneo did and he’s not sure what to report.  Having never seen the comic book on which it is based I can’t speak for how authentic it is.  It was pretty long, had a meandering feel to it, some of the heroes I didn’t particularly like that much but overall it was good, maybe a 3 out of 5 but that was mainly for the soundtrack which was pretty good and the fact that it was the first comic book film I’ve seen with a sex scene.  Quite funny really because whilst the super heroes get jiggy wid it to Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, it reminded me of Aurélie and the first night we had sex in her tiny little apartment in Nice listening to Jeff Buckley sing Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah.  Funny how some things stick in your head; I remember the song, the room, the smell, the heat and the lies.

And so another weekend comes to a close and another Monday lies in wait, ready to sneak up on us, which it will, even tho we know exactly when it will arrive.  I guess it’s the eternal pantomime… It’s behind you!!

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