Mr Omneo Does Online Dating

So, I decided that as age is no longer on my side and the chances of me bumping into Miss Right are quite slim, given that she’d have to be loitering outside my front door, it made sense to return to the idea of online dating.

Given that I posted earlier about Selfless Mind Dating it made sense for me to sign up there, especially as they sent me a 50% off the first months fee code.  Now, I’ve signed up to dating sites in the past but never really taken them seriously but as I rapidly near 40 years of age the outlook is a little bleak.

Anyway, after signing up I got access to the messages that had been sent to me, some of them I was slightly sceptical about, they looked as if they were ‘automated’ but I replied to them all and had a little browse around the site.  Since Saturday I’ve received messages from 14 different females, whoever said it was the males who were supposed to take the lead haven’t been on Selfless Mind Dating!

One thing that struck me as I waded through the messages and perused the associated profiles was they fact that by and large the majority of them are a) older than me and b) most of them already have children.  Now, age isn’t really an issue to me, tho I’m not sure if they’d really appreciate my juvenille sensibilities.  It was the kids thing that got me thinking, how would I interact with teenage kids and vice-versa?  It’s something I have never really thought about before and it occupied a lot of my time over the weekend.

I’m still pondering and will report back later no doubt on what conclusions I come to but initial thoughts are that as far as online dating sites go, Selfless Mind Dating is not too bad, so far.

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