Mr Omneo Abroad

It’s been a while since I could be bothered to type anything.  You know how it is, some days you have too much energy, other days even lethargy is just exhausting to the depths of your being.  Anyway, not a great deal has happened in between times.  I eventually bought soil from my local B & Q at an absolute snip at only £4 for a 70 litre sack.  It did feel like it was going to break my back as I was about 100metres from home but the financial saving made it silly not to suffer albeit briefly.  Potatoes are in planters in the back garden and have recently started to flower, very soon I’ll be complaining about all the potatoes I’m having trouble getting rid of! ;)

Made a trip up to Scotland to visit family, it rained everyday that I  was there except the day I left.  However it was nice just to get out London for a few days, it was so nice to see lots of greenery, trees and fields and all the shit that goes with it as opposed to the scraps of land we have in London.  It makes me treasure my little scrap of garden, with the crazy mint that would take over if it had its way, the fuchsia that seems to flower more and more each year and who could forget the roses, always giving a bright visage through the summer.  Any more of this and I’ll be climbing onto a toadstool with my pipe and fishing rod.

The Miracle all purpose polishing ClothI also decided to see if I can help resurrect the fortunes of the Miracle All Purpose Polishing Cloth which I remembered as a kid, the cool 1960’s packaging that  is so retro that I’ve always thought of it as cool.  The Miracle Cloth cleans, polishes and waxes just about everything you can imagine.  It can clear up rust on chrome and yet is delicate enough to be used on lacquered instruments like saxophones.  Anyway, you can get one of 100 promotional cloths for only 99p + £1.50 P&P from eBay until the new site comes online when they will revert to the standard price of £3.50.

Right, I think that’s me covered everything.  Until next time!

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