The Miracle Cloth meets Mr Omneo

The other day I mentioned the Miracle All Purpose Polishing Cloth.  I tend to refer to it as the Miracle Cloth, not purely because there are less letters to trip out of my mouth and the keyboard but for search engine optimisation, if such a thing actually exists outside of over priced conferences.

The Miracle all purpose polishing ClothAnyway, the Miracle Cloth… I decided to buy a box and see if they sell on-line.  They are definitely the sort of thing that sell at car boot sales and markets, when you actually see it in action you have no hesitation in putting your hand in your pocket for a few pounds loose change.  I realised that I’ve been living in my current abode for almost 6 years and in that time I’ve never polished the door handles which are brass, after about 30 seconds rubbing I was amazed, if only I had taken a before and after photo.  In my glee at seeing shiny handles I quickly went around the house doing them all… actually I don’t think I did the kitchen, I’ll check and take before and after photos.  For more on the Miracle All Purpose Polishing Cloth visit the website at *UPDATE* As I have no life I took a before and after photo of the kitchen door handle. Yes, I really can see De Niro playing me in a  movie ;)  Anyway, photos at the end…

I’ve still got a shitty cold that I picked up in Glasgow, and of course run out of decongestants, the box I bought the other day I left in the office.  Really must get around to cutting the hedge at the front of the house, it’s going a bit crazy and blocking most of the windows.  Amazing the things you never notice when you are out of the house all day.

Lunic (Kaitee Page)

Regular readers will know that one of the many hats that Mr Omneo wears is that of Record Producer and one of the acts that I have invested in, Lunic released their debut Sellaband album yesterday.  For those of you not keeping up, Lunic is the new name for the band formerly known as Kaitee Page.  Kaitee still exists as Kaitee and has not changed her own name to Lunic.  That would be silly :p

Anyway, Lovethief, the great new album by Lunic is available to buy either as a download, regular CD or a limited edition Digipak CD. For more details visit

As promised here are the before and after photographs of a brass door handle that had not been polished in 6 years.  The before picture shows the door handle in all its 6 years of grime glory whilst the after photograph shows the door handle after only two and a half minutes treatment with a Miracle All Purpose Polishing Cloth.

1 Door Handle, 2.5 minutes effort

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