Baby Steps Mr Omneo, Baby Steps…

And still the saga rumbles on.  No, not the MP’s Expense hullabaloo I mean of course my hedge.  Regular perusers of this fine literary establishment will be all too familiar with my sorry tale with regard the plantation outside my living room window.

Last year I snipped it, around this time of the year actually, but I was lazy and only snipped the inside not the outside.  At the time I figured I’d do it another day…that day has finally come!  As I walked home this evening I could spot my house about 40 doors away by virtue of the giant green wart that seems to protrude into the middle of the pavement.  So I marched inside and found the extension cable, got out the steps and then collected a brush and gloves and finally I unwrapped the garden shears… the shiny new electric garden shears!

Out I went and powered on and with a few deft movements I had cut back a mountain of greenery  leaving me momentarily impressed. Obviously my enthusiasm was curbed because what we’re talking about here is some garden shears, not finding Jennifer Anniston at home on bended knee with a marriage proposal, simple old electric garden shears.  But I was still impressed even if it was only to think about how much exercise I just saved myself from doing ;)

So there I was, no more than 90 seconds into cutting when I heard my phone ring, as I toyed with the idea of trying to reach thru the window or walk thru the door to pick up the phone I dallied and then rushed inside only to miss the call.  I cursed and then returned to the garden to set to work only to discover the bloody things weren’t working! I made sure the plug was in the socket and as I did so stared at the ground and tried to figure out what looked out of place…then I realised it was possibly the fact that the cable from the plug wasn’t connected to anything.  I double checked by looking at the end of the shears and confirmed with myself that I had indeed managed to cut through the power cable!

Not to be outdone I got out the toolkit and patched up the shears and off I went, filled up the recycling wheelie bin so have put off the outside half of the hedge until next week when the bin gets emptied.  Then again, I seem to recall saying that last year!  Mind you, as I sit looking out the window it’s made a huge difference as it would appear much darker on account of the huge branches that drowned out all the light.  I’m sure it will be worth the effort, it just never seems it at the time.  Besides it will stop the landlord moaning at me when (if)  he comes round to sort out the bloody dampness caused by the flat upstairs.

Baby steps Mr Omneo, baby steps…

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