Big Foot Strikes Again…

Today I learnt the price of discussing miserable attempts at cutting a hedge.  A little under £25!

Just as I was leaving work I mentioned to colleagues about the whole slicing through the wire fiasco and they were aghast that I didn’t have a circuit breaker and thought I was lucky not to have electrocuted myself.  I’m pretty certain these circuit breakers are a relatively recent form of emotional blackmail.  I always assumed that if I cut through the cable I would fuse the mains electricity supply, which is exactly what happened yesterday.  So why should I need a circuit breaker?  Allegedly it’s just to be on the safe side, in case you don’t fuse the main electricity supply.  I guess that most people are not going to want to slice a power cord just to see what happens but  I did and it seems to negate the purchase of a circuit breaker.

Anyway, I pondered it all over on the tube journey home and then popped into B & Q, I decided I should do a proper fix of the cut cable and so bought a replacement garden tools lead, some gaffer tape and a some weed killer for the path.  Arrived home, unpacked everything and went to put the cable onto the garden shears only to discover the replacement lead didn’t actually contain a plug for the appliance, just a connector…crafty bastards!  So back to B & Q I go and look for a plug fitting, find one for a fiver… robbing bar stewards I think to myself.  I also take the opportunity of grabbing a 56 litre bag of soil, the potatoes need some more.

As I was leaving I stopped and had a look at the circuit breakers… B & Q stock 2 models.  1 is a B & Q Own Brand and the other is made by some Chinese company.  Closer inspection of the labels reveal that not only do they look alike, they have the exact same specification and have both been manufactured by the same Chinese company.  One was £7.98 the other £5.98.  Surprisingly the B & Q  Own Brand was the more expensive of the two.  Needless to say I decided I’d pander to the emotional blackmailers, just in case I killed off life number 9 yesterday, and so I bought the cheaper of the two.

Of course by the time I got back home, wired up the garden shears I lost all motivation to actually cut the rest of the hedge, I’ll probably leave it until Saturday now as that should allow for the garden waste bin to have been emptied, assuming the Turks upstairs don’t fill it with pizza boxes.

Baby steps indeed!

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