Is Twitter really killing the blog?

While most people are blogging about Michael Jackson, let me talk about Twitter.  Actually, if the news is to be believed, no one is blogging about Michael Jackson or anything else for that matter, they’ve abandoned blogs and have moved over to Twitter instead.  Sometimes I’m convinced the news is full of shit.  I mean does anyone really believe that bloggers, who usually write a couple of hundred words minimum in their posts have suddenly learnt how to condense what they have to say into 140 characters??  I think not…

Don’t get me wrong, at first I thought I would hate Twitter, as you may recall I stated I thought it was like the worst part of Facebook, that status update thing.  The difference is, I think, that whereas people on Facebook put up any old drivel in their status update, people who Twitter tend to think about it first, though don’t get me wrong, I often have inane tweets such as wondering what I will have for lunch because I missed breakfast, at least some of the people who follow me come up with suggestions…Facebookers are an altogether ruder crowd who are more inclined to ignore what you say however that may just be because I have rude friends ;)

So, unlike Michael Jackson, I don’t think blogging is going to die off suddenly due to Twitter…but don’t quote me on that!  From The King of Pop to The Boss… later this afternoon I’ll be heading to Hyde Park to see Springsteen close the 3 day Hard Rock Calling festival, I like these London festivals, you go watch a selection of bands and it all finishes in time for the last tube home so that you can sleep in your own comfortable bed rather than a 1 inch piece of foam on a rock strewn swamp.  On stage immediately prior to Springsteen will be the Dave Matthews band or DMB as his fans like to call them, an acronym that Twitterers love as it saves their precious 140 character limit!  I saw DMB on Thursday at what was once the Brixton Academy but is now the Brixton O2, or the O2 Brixton, I can’t quite recall what it’s changed to, so I call it the Brixton Academy as that’s what everyone remembers it by.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen as many Americans in one place outside America before, if Osama bin Laden wanted to strike a blow he just had to pop down to Brixton with a few pounds of C4 and he’d have wiped out a few thousand easily.  Given that I saw quite a few people had smuggled in bottles of vodka and whisky and were puffing away on marijuana without security getting involved, I’ve no doubt some plastic explosives would have been a piece of piss, as we say here in Limey Land.  Anyway, DMB were awesome, they played for around 2hrs and 45mins in what felt like  a sauna, just standing still left me with a constant sheen and even though I couldn’t move much to dance, when I left I was soaked through.  It was also my first gig sober…it made me realise all the great gigs I’ve missed due to being either high as a kite or drunk as a skunk, or very occasionally both ;)  That made me a little sad but also a little happy in that I’m now aware of what I’ve missed so won’t let it happen again.

Right, time to go re-post all this on Twitter…. only joking!

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