There’s a rumour going round town…

Those rumours, you never know where they are going to spring from.

One minute you’re shopping for floral table cloths and the next minute *POW* a rumour will appear from nowhere, slap you upside down and then run off laughing manically before you can say jumpinjackflashit’sagasgasgas.

So, what do you do when confronted by a rumour?  Well, obviously the most important thing is to remain vigilant.  Like a ninja you should be ready to pounce on a rumour before it reaches you.  This may take a little getting used to but if the rumour is particularly oafish you can usually hear them coming at you so just keep your ears cleaned and listening for the slightest sound.  Other rumours smell, which is very good for the beginner, if you can smell the rumour before you hear it then there is a good chance you can be prepared and can strike it down before it harms you.

Now, armed with these nuggets of truth, go out there and find that rumour before it finds you!

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