A good stoner recycles…

I have an admission to make which may or may not change your opinion of me.  I’m ever so slightly disinterested in the fate of the planet. I really couldn’t give a monkeys about my carbon footprint or anyone else’s for that matter. And most of the time I think it’s ludicrous to assume that we humans can somehow stop the inevitable… the dinosaurs couldn’t stop it, what makes us think we’re so very special and can?

Anyway, whilst Carbon is NOT, Recycling is very much HOT!

I’ve recycled for a long time now because it has always made sense to me.  I’m fortunate that here at Omneo Towers I have a composter for all the kitchen waste so everything gets put to use.  I have my milk delivered by a man who has been driving an electric van for decades and who always takes away my empties.  And of course I separate my recyclables into paper, glass, plastic and tin each week. I have a regular sized kitchen waste-bin and it will sometimes take me 3 weeks to fill it with rubbish. The people who live upstairs from me average that in a day!  I think there are 5 or 6 people living there but even so, a large bag of rubbish a day is a lot!

I generally keep a selection of jars with tight fitting lids in the cupboard because they’re handy for leftovers that you want to freeze but another great use for an old curry sauce jar is a boho chic recycled bong! Never mind going down to some over priced head shop to pick up a glass bong! Just make your own from a few things lying around the house.  To explain what I mean here’s one I prepared earlier…

A Recycled bong

All that’s required is a jar, a piece of garden hose, a length of aluminium pipe and some blu-tac. I’m lucky as I have a garden hose so getting that wasn’t difficult for me. I will admit to sometimes borrowing some garden hose from various gardens in Sydney, NSW as I replaced lost or stolen bongs while out there. It was in Australia that I trimmed it all down further…a 500ml drinks bottle and the aluminium pipe.

While I’m on the subject of over-priced head shops. Don’t go there and pay £1 for 5 small gauze meshes for your pipes, get an old tea strainer and a sharp pair of scissors and cut yourself some new ones. For an even better bargain go to your local pound shop and buy one of the larger wire sieves which will give you around 20 or 30 pieces the same size but better quality…for £1.

Be a Responsible Stoner, Recycle!

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