Something for nothing…

Being at home this week allows me to do those things un-thought of while at work.  Such as visiting department stores and looking at things before buying them as opposed to squinting at their, usually minuscule, photographs on websites.  The downside to that is it has extended the length of time required to find a sofa!

Being at home also allowed me to order things for delivery knowing I would be home.  It’s fine getting things delivered at work but when the items are large and cumbersome you don’t want to be squashed into a tube carriage with it.  I needed to order, joy of joys, envelopes and some paper so placed my order online for delivery today.

I went to bed last night with faint memories of the last delivery, it was about 8.20am but I figured that was a one off.  I was right, this morning at 8.40am the delivery arrived.  Upon careful examination of the label I realise the depot is quite close to me so I’m probably one of the first deliveries on their route as they deliver between 8am and 6pm.

As I multi-tasked (rubbed sleepy eyes and opened box at same time) I thought that while having to get out of bed before 9am on a day off a pisser, it’s less of a pisser when you discover the stationery company sent 2 reams of paper instead of 1…result!

It’s those little things that just make life bearable, don’t you think?

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