Sofa So Good…

OK, it’s done!  I have finally chosen the newest addition to Omneo Towers, a new sofa.  This damned sofa has been talked about for at least a year and today I finally ordered one.

What is it with sofa manufacturers? Why do they decree that you should wait 4-12 weeks for what is usually a hefty purchase?  I mean is there any other circumstance where you would go in, hand over £500 and be told, It’ll be with you in about 12 weeks. Obviously I think to myself, Why don’t they make a few up ready to be sold? but I appreciate that is so bloody obvious a statement from a non sofa construction worker that it is blindingly stupid.  So I never utter that in public in case I am mocked and ridiculed for thinking such a thing, let alone speak it’s name!

In the end I went to John Lewis who have a range of sofas available for delivery usually within a week [hear that sofa makers?] I had to increase my budget slightly but it was worth it just to be able to stop thinking about sofas!  All those really nice ones I saw that were just too large for my living room.  So sad…

Anyway my new sofa is arriving next Friday.  It comprises a sofa and a footstool but with a little jiggery pokery it transforms into a tub of Ben and Jerry’s frozen yoghurt (not really!) here’s what it looks like.

The Sofa

The Footstool

Sofa and Footstool
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