A little, often or one large portion?

For the past few weeks I’ve been working on some blog entries but I haven’t finished them.  I’m not sure if I ever will.  The first one was more a peek inside my head as I tried to describe a thought I had whilst sitting in the garden one night.  Every time I read over it to try and edit it I’m left thinking, Wow! Did I really think this shit up myself?! A few colleagues at work would no doubt have a lot to say for my psyche if they read it, maybe I will post it one day!

The second blog entry was intended to be a longer one with lots of little stories making it the whole.  When i started it I knew exactly which story was going to follow into the next, a little play-list if you like.  the problem was i was typing it at 7am on a Saturday morning, in bed, using the laptop.  I then woke at around 12.30 dazed and wondering what day it was with only 2 paragraphs of a novella done.  Needless to say I now have no idea what it was I was going to write about – it never seems to occur to me to write things down.  Given I still have about a dozen of the legendary Omneo post-it pads it’s not that I have a shortage of things to write on!

So what prompted this blog?  Well, I was reading another blog and saw a comment that I wanted to share but knew that if I didn’t act immediately it would go the way of the other 2 entries: half done or forgotten about.  The blog in question one operated by Eurostar.  Using Social Media they are ensuring they are the topic of blogs (much like this one!) by offering up prizes of Eurostar little breaks.  No better way to get great Search Engine Optimisation than having 50 very happy and very different bloggers writing about how wonderful Eurostar are.  Make no mistake, I’d be doing exactly the same if I won a prize.  Hell I’ll write a sycophantic blog for a glass of Ricard and a chunk of disgustingly smelly cheese with some crusty bread :)

Right now Eurostar have a singles little break up for grabs for 50 lucky people, I’m thinking Blind Date in reverse.  Instead of doing the speed dating bit (behind a screen) to try and win the holiday, everyone wins the holiday and then has to do some speed dating at the end.  Will be a bit disappointing if 24 of the 25 couples pair off unless of course there is call for a couple of threesomes!

How can you win one of these Singles little breaks?  Easy, simply visit the Eurostar Little Break Big Difference site before 25 September and in their own words:

Leave us a comment telling us either a) the most romantic thing you’ve done for someone b) Your worst date ever or c) complete this sentence ‘You know its love when…’

So, although my disastrous last visit to Aurélie in Lille wasn’t a date date it was still funny enough to go in as a worst date entry.  I should have left a link to the blog entry which gave the more in-depth account of things – you’ll have to go searching if you haven’t already read it!  It actually sounds like it would be a good day out.  I think it’s bound to be a good laugh if anyone who goes is half as rubbish at parle vous Français? as I am ;)

Jokes aside it would be interesting to win a place on the day given that for the last 2 or 3 months I’ve been trying on-line dating and the truth is it’s not for me.  Whilst I’m more than comfortable operating on-line I just find the whole experience of on-line dating sites soul destroying.  I looked at a profile on one such site a few days ago, she was 29 and in bold red letters it stated, “Any messages you send will not be highlighted because you are over the advertisers age range of 30” Is it any wonder I fail to find any enthusiasm to think up something witty and interesting to say in about 100 words that probably won’t mean anything as the first thing looked at will be age and photo.  I might need to get stopped by one of those sharks who tell people they’ve won a £500 photo shoot that costs just £300 for copies of the photos.  As I don’t have £300 spare I could just smear some Vaseline over the lens of my camera and go for the cheap soft focus lens approach ;)

Oh I almost forgot, the comment I read that prompted this whole blog was the one written by Charlotte. Here it is:

A few years back a blind date suggested we meet up and go to eat at the Oxo Tower. I scrubbed up and wandered down to the South Bank, pretty darned impressed and pretty darned excited. Only to be taken to EAT at the Oxo Tower. And he didn’t even pay for my sandwich. I didn’t see him again.

After I sat thinking, I hope someone gave her a big hug after that! I couldn’t stop myself from laughing out loud, none of that fake LOL nonsense here I’ll have you know.  When Mr Omneo Laughs Out Loud the neighbours think Brian Blessed has popped round for tea!

I would encourage you to all go enter the competition but if more than 50 people enter then my chances of winning are drastically reduced.  I mean come on, Charlotte is definitely a winner with that story so there’s only 49 others up for grabs.  Où est mon passeport?

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