The Gift of Flickr Pro…

I recently bought myself a new camera, quite well timed really as I was able to use it to take some rather good, if I do say so myself, photographs at the Deep Purple concert I went on last Sunday evening.  The camera was a smart buy. I also bought a Polaroid Pogo photo printer as well, I’m not so sure that was such a wise buy but I’m a sucker for gadgets and more so when they are on sale. Oh look, I’ve saved £30! Sounds good but when I admit to myself that I’ve spent £40 on something I don’t need just because I’m saving £30 I have to accept it’s not really a bargain!

I decided that I would resurrect my old Flickr account in order to have a better place to put my photos and after reading all the blurb thought I would upgrade to a Pro account, not so much because I think I’ll need unlimited space for photos and HD videos but mainly because I prefer having an ad free service.  Here are the Deep Purple photographs I took in a nice Flickr slide-show.

Do you want the Gift of Flickr Pro?

It got me thinking, how many people would like a Flickr Pro account but didn’t have $24.95 readily available to upgrade from the free version?  I decided there are probably at least four people who have the basic account who would like to upgrade but have more pressing needs for their cash.  So for those readers, Twitterers and Facebookers who would like to win a Flickr Pro account…

How Do I Win the Gift of Flickr Pro?

It’s very simple to be in with a chance to win. You can either 1) leave a comment on this blog entry or 2) you can send a tweet on Twitter which includes the following: RT #FlickrPro

Everyone who enters by one of the above two methods will go into the draw and each Friday at 5pm GMT I will select one entrant who will get 1 years free Flickr Pro goodness. (If you already have a Flickr Pro account you can extend it by 12 months if you win or give it to someone else, the choice is yours!)


Congratulations to the following entrants who have won 1 years Flickr Pro access

Week 1 – CDI Europe

Week 2 – Catalina Canizales

Week 3 – Seb Robert

Week 4 – Laura

The winner will be randomly selected from A) all the Twitter ids that re-tweet the hash-tag #Flickr4u together with a link and B) the names of the people who leave a comment on this blog. All names/ids will be entered into my world famous random name selector and the winner will be contacted by 11.59pm GMT on the day of the draw. Only one entry per person will be accepted. Mr Omneo reserves the right to disqualify any entrants who he believes have created/used multiple accounts with the sole purpose of trying to improve their chances of winning. Entries roll-over i.e. if you enter in week 1 and don’t win you will automatically be entered into the draw in week 2. If a Flickr Pro account is not claimed by 9am GMT on the Sunday following the draw the prize will go back into the draw on the following Friday until all 4 accounts have been won. GOOD LUCK!


  1. Please be my flickr friend. ‘Miss Wincy’ is so lonely on there!

  2. Hi Mr. Emneo. I would like to join in this game of chance.
    Thanks for helping out needy people..
    I hope i would win that free pro..

  3. Andrew S.

    I want to get it, please. My twitter account is private so I comment here.

  4. Ohh would I love a Flickr pro account!! Then I could access the newborn pictures of our son that got lost on our computer that crashed :-( They’re on Flickr though! But way back 100s of photos

  5. Smokey McPot

    No way, able to leave a comment on Mr O’s blog, way cool!!

    i have a Flickr account for everyweek of the mounth lol
    tahts life when you havent got money for pro!
    I HOP I WIN!

  7. Thank you to everyone who entered.

    I’m sorry I couldn’t give more accounts away, I just don’t have the money.

    The response was fantastic so sometime in 2010 I will look at running a similar raffle although I may have to sell some stuff on eBay to pay for it.