How I Found Scott Saw

Alien ErikaI sometimes wonder what life would be like if it had evolved without the internet.  Maybe we’d all be just that little bit dumber because we didn’t have Google to answer every question, maybe we’d still talk to strangers and the local stores would be busy with no one ever having cause to even imagine a supermarket.  As far as art goes, the internet has been a lifeline to both artists and art lovers.  Now we can view and buy art from people all over the globe from the comfort of our front rooms.

There is no excuse for any artist who has internet access to not have their work online.  B-uncut is a great free source of active artists from around the globe.  It is also a fantastic resource for any artist beavering away alone in their studio, knowing there are other artists out there but not sure how to find them.  Anyway, I digress, thanks to the internet I discovered an artist called Scott Saw.  I actually know the date I first ordered a print from him, 15 December 2005, thanks to PayPal.  It took under 5 minutes for me to search and find a copy of the transaction.  I’d never have been able to do that if I had paper records back then!

Back in 2005 I bought a silkscreen print of Mother’s Arms, which sits next to my monitor, and a copy of his Flipside book.  Over the years I’ve bought a few prints, the most recent purchase being the Axiom prints I bought in July.  A month or so back I was reading one of Scott’s newsletters and I clicked over to his site and browsed around and discovered an area I hadn’t seen where he was selling his original art.  I had a look and fell in love with Alien Erika the moment I saw her. 

As soon as I saw her lying on that futuristic lounger with the stars in the backdrop, her shock of green hair and boots straight out of 1970’s disco I thought of Saturday Night Fever meets the Jetsons.  I wanted her to look at every day.  I wasn’t sure about asking Scott the price in case it was way outside my budget but at the same time I didn’t really have a budget.  I wanted her!  So, I asked, he answered and I didn’t hesitate in agreeing to buy her.  I say her because calling it a painting seems disrespectful.  Scott told me that it’s the first painting he’s done of his girlfriend I’m assuming he meant the first he’s sold. Wouldn’t you want to keep the first painting you did of your girlfriend? or am I being far too romantically inclined for my own good?

I collected the parcel from the post office on Tuesday and rushed to open it , when I did this is what I found inside.

As well as the awesome painting Scott included a stack of prints including a lovely gold version of Mother’s Arms which I have already framed and have hanging in my bedroom.

It was 4 years to the day from me ordering my first Scott Saw print and taking delivery of my most recent Scott Saw print.  I guess you could say I like his work.  You might too, go check him out if you haven’t already.  He has regular offers on his prints through the year often giving a hearty discount and a bundle of goodies to make you wonder if his son is going without food as his father gives his art away ;)  Once the landlord finally repairs Omneo Towers I’m looking forward to Alien Erika gracing my walls.

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