It’s Film Jim, But Not As You Know It

If you’ve been following things lately here you’ll know I’ve been linking to a lot of the stuff coming out of the Vice UK/ corner of the internet, for good reason.  It’s usually all good, thought provoking, eye-opening stuff that I think you’ll find interesting.  I say that because I figure if you come here to read my witterings you must be drawn to similar stuff as me but of course I could be wrong, it wouldn’t be the first time.

So, while I type this in bed, recovering from some sort of mutant cold/flu bug (not man-flu) I thought I’d tell you about The Vice Guide to Film.  As you’d expect, this is no regular film guide.  Shane Smith, the co-founder of Vice Magazine, explores some of the less-known film movements and national cinemas of the world.   Shane gives you, the audience, a chance to peek behind the closed doors of the film industries in countries such as Iran and North Korea where he hangs out with maverick film makers like Gaspar Noé and throws himself in at the deep end by acting in a Mexican film.

The Vice Guide to Film not only discusses films, culture and politics, but it also seeks to give a voice to people without one. This is all done in true VICE fashion; taboo subjects and raw aesthetics make the show shocking and mind provoking.  By following the series of 6 episodes you’ll encounter film and life from North Korea, Mexico, Beirut, Russia, Iran and Japan; a varied selection you have to agree!

To whet your appetite, why not watch this trailer for the series which should start this week over on



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