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The problem with having an over active, yet lazy, imagination and self is the issue of starting lots of things and finishing none of them due to some almost unachievable attention to detail on how things should be.  OK, that’s quite a long winded way of saying I started lots of blog posts but they’ve all got stuck in Draft limbo because I had a great idea part-way through each blog and started a new blog and then…you can see where this is going can’t you?

So, the end result is I’ve deleted all the drafts as can’t seem to find as much enthusiasm to finish them off as I obviously had when I started them.  This means of course that some topics I really wanted to mention I won’t because I’ve forgotten them.  That’s not to say the topics were not worth remembering, it’s because I naturally have a bad memory I sometimes rely on my blog to remind myself of things I like!

One campaign that I should mention is one being run by Aviva, it’s their Tell Us Your Story campaign.  They are looking for people who’ve gone out of their way to help others, caring souls (their words not mine!) who have answered the needs of an individual, family or local community.  You nominate them online and could win a £1,000 prize for Story of the Week.   Stories are also voted for by the public, with the overall favourite receiving a specially tailored grand prize worth £10,000. And it doesn’t stop there!  For every nomination made Aviva will be donating £1 to the Street to School programme.

This was a campaign that was brought to my attention about 3 weeks ago and I started to write about it and got side tracked however I was flicking through the newspaper when I actually paid attention to one of the full page ads, it was actually for the Tell Us your Story campaign.  If I’m honest I only paused to look at it because it was almost a page of yellow and it demanded a second look.  That said, the copy was deathly dull and that may explain why I’ve not heard much about the campaign and as I work in the third sector, these things are usually well circulated.

I think that in itself is a shame as it certainly looks worthwhile but I fear it may miss a larger target audience due to it’s ‘lack of life’.  My experience of the people that have the stories to tell is they do not have the time to read 4 condensed paragraphs of marketing techno-babble, hell I can barely do it and I’m selfishly only looking after myself!

My newest purchaseIn totally unrelated news I bought another painting from Scott Saw.  This one is based on his Axiom character.  Regular readers may recall I bought a few Axiom prints last year.  I probably ended up paying around $125 more than I needed to because I ended up outbidding myself after making my initial auction bid on the wrong account!  That said, I didn’t mind paying more as I paid what I thought was a fair price and allows the artist to know his work is appreciated.

Now I just need to figure out where to hang things, I’ve already started hanging art in the hallway and some walls have more art than wall on show. Like books and tattoos, collecting is a sometimes impulsive, sometimes long drawn ut process but ultimately very rewarding and enriching, even if we sometimes don’t realise it until much time has passed between acquisition and that light-bulb on moment.

And from charity to art to drugs in a few paragraphs!  I was intrigued to read about some new drug (Alemtuzumab) they’re hoping to licence which is based on the THC found in marijuana.  What’s interesting is that because marijuana is natural it cannot be patented so they have to extract it (the THC), jiggle around a proton or two and call it a unique process, earn a patent and small fortune from governments that prescribe the drug as a relief to suffers of MS.

From what I can gather this drug will cost on average £300pm per patient.  How much cheaper to dispense medical marijuana and allow people to self medicate with cookies, tea or an old fashioned spliff and all for far less than £300 per month!  They say it would be drug dealers who have most to fear from the legalisation of drugs, I’m not so sure myself…Drug patents, legalised drugs, is BIG business with a truly global market.  Something to think about huh?

With luck(?!) the gap between posts will reduce over the coming weeks.

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