The CENSORED Are Still Running The World

As I was listening to iTunes on shuffle a few minutes ago a Jarvis Cocker song came on, you may already have guessed it from the title of this entry but for those who may be unfamiliar with Jarvis’ work, the song is called The cunts are still running the world.  I haven’t listened to it much since I bought the CD and magicked it into an mp3 file as it seldom appears on shuffle but just now, as I listened to the lyrics I could see myself shaking my head slowly from side to side as I let out an audible sigh and muttered, “You’re right Jarvis, nothing fucking changes!”

Now, while I said I could see myself doing and saying that, I obviously wouldn’t because I’m just so apathetic about the whole thing.  In case you are wondering, it is the whole thing and sometimes what is too.

Okay, so now that I’ve stopped chuckling at myself what to say?  I would hope that, with the exception of first time visitors, anyone visiting today will have noticed the change of layout, out with the soft grey and in with some bold blue.  It kept me occupied over the weekend thus proving to myself I can actually do something productive when I can be bothered, even if it is only tinker with some bits here and there.  I also added a similar layout on my Twitter page. What? You didn’t know I tweeted? Where have you been?

Horror of horrors I am obliged to go to the gym tomorrow.  I’m not sure my body fully comprehends this event as it hasn’t shut down at the mere thought of it what awaits. In the last 3 years of non-attendance it’s grown mighty accustomed to nothing more than energetic bouts of moving between floors in the office solely by foot, which even on one of my slow days is still faster the the elevator that I am sure is powered by an arthritic hamster in the attic.  In short, I am unfit and I know I’m going to hate the next few weeks as I adjust to working out again.  On the plus side, work is likely to get quite stressful as we undergo not only a change in work practises but an office move, so exercise will probably become a life/job saver.

Mind you, when I go to the gym I’ll only be doing the occasional quick walk on the treadmill and maybe lifting some lumps of metal. Crazy people feel the need to do extreme things like run marathons or decide to go trekking to a height of almost 6,000m! Yes, Stacey Beattie I’m thinking about you!  In 152 days Stacey will be setting off on that trek to raise money for the Leonard Cheshire Disability charity.  If you have a spare pound, euro, dollar or Jarvis Coker record why not consider donating it to Stacey’s fund and help her attain her £4,000 target.


  1. I started running again two weeks ago and two weeks in a row my back and knees have been knackered for days afterwards, still pushing on and doing it though, hope you wont be as bad as me!

  2. I’m marginally suffering today but if previous experience is anything to go by it’ll be tomorrow it hits me…it’s usually 2 days after before my body wakes up and screams, “What the fuck did you do to me?”

    I think the most frustrating thing is finding I have to return to lifting the lightest of weights as I now resemble the Mr Muscle guy, only I have a bulging belly!

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