I Blew Up The United States

I don’t usually start with the song that donated the blog title but I figured that over time it may be picked up by search engines by an altogether different group of reader. So, in case one of those readers should stumble upon here expecting something and then finding themselves bitterly disappointed I thought it best to stick the song on first so those with other things to find can piss off sooner rather than later.

Well, if you’re still reading this, hello. The weekend has brought as plenty of verbiage on the whole Yemeni bomb story. Cargo planes, passenger planes, toner cartridges, mobile phone detonators…the theories have been wild and plentiful with right wing nutjobs advocating the annihilation of the Middle East thereby making the place safer for all, once we’ve taken all the oil first and left wing nutjobs asking why we can’t all just get along nicely, once we’ve annihilated all the capitalist scum whose greed has ruined mankind.

For me, a plain old nutjob, it was just too good an excuse to get The Bone Shakers into the blog on Halloween, Hello? Give me some credit for the thought that meanders into this blog sometimes!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the track. Just remember…BASS NOT BOMBS!

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