Back From The Wilderness

You know how it goes, some days you step away from the computer or whatever it is that normally holds your interest telling yourself that you’ll just have a break for a few days and before you know it the days have stretched not just to weeks but to months. That’s how it’s been for myself; no blogging, no twitter and if I’m honest, not much of anything!

I’d love to say that life has been occupied with a myriad of other things but the reality is I’ve just been busy doing nothing and let me tell you something, doing nothing is really quite exhausting!

Of course since I last posted I have done blog worthy things but most of them I’ve long since forgotten, I really should come up with some system to remind myself what it is I want to blog about; if anyone reading has any suggestions I’m all ears, or eyes in this case; as gifted as I am, I can’t hear you when you speak unless it’s A) to me face-to-face, B) to me via the telephone or C) sent to me via an audio clip that I can listen to.  I’d personally suggest you just leave a comment, that way anyone else reading gets to know your secrets too… sharing is caring!

Well, that’s it for now. Expect more of the usual ramblings as the days go on but here’s a funky little Nina Simone track to keep you occupied until then

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