Weekend Garden Escape

If there is one thing I have been consistant in saying over the years, it’s how much I love to hate doing any actual gardening.

Some years I plan great things only for a fraction of those things to happen then in other years I vow to pay no heed to the jungle and instead find myself doing more and actually enjoying doing it.

I wonder if this is really a sign that I am getting old? When I was younger I always thought of gardening as something that old people did, this being based on the fact that the only people I knew who grew plants were my Gran and her friends. Now I find myself looking through seed magazines and imagine having the energy to turn my small patch of earth into a self sustaining eco-tardis yielding every item of fruit and veg that is advertised. It is only by virtue of the fact that I know how lazy I am is all that has prevented me from going hog wild at my local B&Q.

I’m not sure what it is about B&Q but no matter what I go to buy from there, I always end up buying something I don’t really need but somehow I justify buying it to myself. Often I use the lamest of excuses however I think the worst one I use on myself is it’s a treat to myself. Why on earth a 34 piece drill bit set would or could be a treat to a somewhat reluctant DIY-er I don’t know but I decided my 9 piece set just wasn’t good enough…of course now I’ve upgraded the drill bits I’m now looking at my trusty 17 year old electric drill and thinking I could buy a new one…

In case you are wondering I bought the new drill bit set this evening because they had run out of stock of wooden mulch chips, so my plans for actually working in the garden this weekend are scuppered. However all is not lost, now that I have an excuse to drill a hole or two I shall finally buy the shaving mirror for the bathroom I keep telling myself I’ll get, one day.

Stay tuned to find out if I ever affix the shaving mirror and I will try and remember to keep you updated with news from the garden…I have a vision in my head, let’s see how it turns out.

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