A Moment of Clarity

I’m not sure about anyone reading this but every so often I have one of those moments when everything just makes sense; a moment where I appear to cut through all the bullshit I tell myself and see what is going on around me, where I want to be and how to get there.

I had one of those moments recently, the problem I find is my inability to take in all the information. Invariably I will remember fragments but what use is the part without the sum? One thing I recall was the realisation that I have to apply some focus to what I do in life. In much the same way as I try and remember everything and in so doing I end up remembering less, I am also not very good at sticking to one thing.

When I read a book I usually end up reading 2 or 3 simultaneously and often fail to finish any as I end up confusing myself with the plots. The same with TV shows, I’ll watch 4 episodes of one show back-to-back then an episode of another show before returning the the next instalment of the first show again. Likewise when learning to do something, rather than learn one thing at a time I will often  assure myself that not only can I teach myself how to play saxophone, I can also throw in teaching myself how to speak Italian whilst also trying to learn to draw in a manga style. Needless to say I am pretty rubbish at all three.

So, now I know what I need to do, how do I decide what to focus on? I can easily drop the manga drawing, I don’t know who I thought I was fooling but the user manual for the software I bought causes my eyes to glaze over just by looking at the table of contents; I don’t want to read the equivalent of a phone book just to draw, it was supposed to be easier for me…lesson learnt!



  1. well your cartoon self up the top is pretty good, maybe its not manga but you did that right?

  2. The caricature I adapted from an existing one so it doesn’t really count, I’d never have gotten there from scratch. I just don’t have much patience for learning, after a few days I’m bored.

    One thing I would certainly do if I came into a large sum of cash would be to learn some new things. With no need to worry about work and paying the rent I’m sure it would be much easier to learn something new.

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