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What with Lyle & Scott arranging live music events here in London, up in Manchester the Example Media collective has just launched a fashion imprint. Mssrs. Lyle and Scott don’t have to worry too much, just yet, as Example Clothing didn’t launch with an entire ready to wear collection, instead they opted for a single design on a choice of three bold coloured t shirts.

However as one of the shirts is white I’m not sure if I can call that a colour. I vaguely recall an artist attempting to explain to me  why it wasn’t really a colour but I switched off after about 20 minutes which I think took him another 20 to notice.

Anyway, I was actually a little impressed when I heard about the fashion imprint launch as the cynical me assumed that the more typical next step after Example Media and Example Magazine would be Example Music,. Just what the world needs, I could picture myself telling myself, another fucking record label being run out of someones mum’s attic. So fair play to them for steering clear of that!

What I also liked was the aim, to promote up and coming and underground designers.  I really do think in this era of mass produced clothing those starting out are finding it harder than ever to get a toe hold in the industry. What’s even better is that whilst the imprint is based in Manchester they’re happy to work with any UK based designers. Here’s to the end of those bland high street t-shirt designs, if you can call them that!

James Mernagh managed to find time in-between being founder of Example Media and his role as editor of Example Magazine to come up with Example Clothing’s first design which he titled, Making An Example. I asked him for the names of some of the other designers whose work we’ll start seeing soon but he wasn’t giving too much away although I do believe that one of the first things we’ll see will be by Omid Kashan but you never heard that here, not that anyone is likely to ask you but you never know!

Out of personal curiosity I asked James why he decided upon a fashion imprint and thought it amusing that he decided against it because he aknowledges that there are plenty of labels already out there with more joining them every day. Instead he said that

By starting a clothing imprint we felt we could spread our brand and also continue our ethos of supporting underground and young talent. Something which we are really excited about.  

So, keep an eye on Example Magazine which will shortly begin featuring young designers and artists who will then be commissioned to design one or more T-Shirt designs for the Example Clothing range.

Interesting factoid for you, also in the Example Clothing shop are some T shirts by Chimpo, that’s the Chimpo who did a remix of Skittle’s new track Tip-i-cal-ly…those Mancunians, they sure do get about!

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