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Spaceman 3 by Xue Thao (http://thaoxue.blogspot.com)

It seems rather appropriate in a way to be updating the blog on the 50th anniversary of the first human space, appropriate because whilst not a full-on update, one of the things I wanted to mention was a marrying together of 2 of my favourite things; Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and the work of David Bowie.

Thanks to Fritz von Runte people like me have Bowie 2001: A Space Oddity and while at first I was skeptical of the project, when I listened to the tracks and then watched the movie online I was sold on it. Genius I say and I don’t say that very often. Go have a look at the site, you can watch the movie online for free as well as download the tracks tho if you cough up some cash you’ll be rewarded with a few kick ass bonus tracks.

Since the last update What have I done, or rather what have I not done? Well, I went to Manchester for the launch of Skittles single Tip-i-cal-ly however I was so ill that after arriving in Manchester I went straight to the hotel, thought I’d have a soak in the bath before heading to the party and promptly fell asleep, waking up 5 hours later and very wrinkly. I then went to bed, woke up, checked out and caught the train back to London. In all a very uneventful trip.

I was quite annoyed with myself for being so ill as I wanted to meet Skittles and James from Example Media and I was kinda hoping that Dub Phizix would be there as well. Mr Phizix is a Mancunian Drum n Bass producer who is currently giving away his remix of Sabre’s 100 teeth for free online  and with every 500 followers he gets on FaceBook he’ll be releasing another free track. Free drum n bass, what’s not to like about that? What’s more on the 18th of April Ingredients Recordings, one of the fastest growing cutting edge drum and bass labels, will release “Out There” and “Athos” by Dub Phizix.  A follow up to his collaboration with Skeptical released on the same label late last year.  Download the free remix and don’t forget to click ‘Like’ on his Facebook page if you want more free music!

Well, quite a Mancunian heavy post again as Fritz von Runte is also a native of that fair city and I’ll be making another attempt at catching an event in a few weeks when he hosts a screening of Bowie 2001 followed by a 3hour DJ set at the Islington Mill Studios in Salford. It’s only a fiver so if you’re around, come and say hello, I’ll either be the quiet guy in the corner or the idiot bouncing around on the dance floor!

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