HP Rocks London

A few days ago I was let in on a secret from those fine people over at A Badge of Friendship, Claire and Paul. They whispered in my shell-like that there was going to be a secret pop-up set being performed in Soho Square today. What made this quite exciting for me was the act in question was one that I really like, more of that in a minute.

The purpose of the event was to launch a collaboration between HP UK and Last.fm entitled The Power of Sound. Now, I’m a little biased as I think HP make some terrific bits of kit and if I can help it I only ever buy HP printers at work and home because they are solid, reliable machines, the same goes for their laptops and PCs but for me they’re my go to printer guys.

Anyway, I digress,  the collaboration will be running  over the Summer (if we have one) bringing exclusive pop-up acoustic shows and artist interviews  to fans and passersby giving them the chance to see various bands perform in some unusual open air venues around the city. All this will culminate in a terrific live event on 2 September, so get it in your diary now!

So, back to today, the band that had the honour of kick starting the whole shebang was Sheffield duo Slow Club. I first heard of them in 2009, 1 July to be exact as I’d won tickets to the iTunes festival at the Roundhouse to see Jamie T; Slow Club were one of the support acts. When Rebecca from Slow Club starting banging the drum that was in front of her I remember turning to Jen, who I had gone with, and saying, “These guys are going to be good” and indeed they were and still are. That night I went home and looked them up on last.fm and then bought their album Yeah So the following week when it was released.

For the record, Jamie T was alright but not hugely memorable but Slow Club are often on my iPod and not just because I think Rebecca is gorgeous; she has an amazing voice, which she showed off admirably today as she sang beautifully with no microphone while holding a takeaway cup of tea. Yes, she sings like an angel, looks divine and drinks tea thereby making her just about the most perfect woman that Adam gave up some ribs for!

If you want to catch the remaining pop-up acts, and why wouldn’t you? make sure you follow HP UK on Twitter and check out their Facebook where exclusive content will be appearing and do your ears a favour and be sure to buy Slow Club’s new album when it’s out, which is going to be real soon!

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