Chimpo & DRS Dubstep Competition

Well, once more I’ve been slack in attending to the blog. I have no excuses, well I do but let’s be honest, no one wants to hear them so let’s just get on with this post, that I really should have posted a few weeks ago.

It’s back to Madchester for some musical delights, this time of a strictly dubstep nature courtesy of Chimpo and DRS. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of either of them, neither had I until recently. It makes me realise that there is so much music being made out there and I’m lucky if I get to hear 1% of it. Thankfully I have James at Example Media keeping me in the loop and sprinkling some of that Mancunian made music into my MP3 player.

The fella they call Chimpo is a pillar of the Manchester Music Village. Whether he’s crafting badboy dubstep riddims, dope hip-hop beats, or just compiling a sick ragga mixtape, none can test the Monkey Man. Recent years have seen him being taken under the mentor-ship of the main man Zed Bias, which simply demonstrates Chimpo’s potential.

With releases on several high-profile labels which include Contagious, SideStepper and Sin City, Chimpo has additionally toured America to showcase his beats which resulted in a chance to officially remix the Wu-Tang – the perfect end result for a man who has sought to merge the very best of all possible worlds. He’s been DJing around Manchester and the UK for many years, and his awesome sets communicate his range, experience and passion for music in every shape, colour and size. You can follow Chimpo on Twitter: @chimpomcr and hear more of his choonage over at Soundcloud

So, now you know more of the man, what about hearing some of the music? Well, as luck would have it, Chimpo recently teamed up with MC DRS and they released a cracking dubstep track called Holdin’ On which is available to download for free (what is it with the Mancunians giving away their music?) In addition they are hosting a remix competition exclusively through KMAG with a prize of a day in the studio with MC DRS and Chimpo and an interview in Example Magazine.

You can download the parts to Holdin On here and the whole track download is available as either an MP3 or a WAV file, nothing like choices!

So, get busy and submit your entry to as a 320 kbps MP3 by September 1st 2011 and the winner will be by picked by CHIMPO and DRS.

Yes, I know that’s not much time but that’s my fault for being a slacker. As a way of saying sorry, here’s the video to Holdin’ On to distract you from the fact I’ve only left you 2 weeks to enter.


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