Sparkz will soon be flying…off the shelf!

Well, more music and what a surprise it’s both free and from Manchester! The other day I told you about the Chimpo dubstep competition and I’ve heard a few remixes via Twitter, got to admit I’m envious of all those talented folk out there, I’d love to say me and my saxophone make music but that would only be true if you were slightly tone deaf but then again I only have myself to blame as I take it out it’s case once in a blue moon.

Anyway, today it’s hip-hop and it’s from a young lad called Sparkz who started writing and producing his own stuff when he was just 15 years old. Doesn’t that make you just a little bit green with envy? In 2009 he won the MCR Superstars competition, which seeks to provide young people in Manchester aged 13-19 the opportunity to showcase their musical talents and focuses on Mc’ing, rapping and R&B. Each year 8 acts are selected from all the auditions to go through to the grand final, so winning isn’t easy but the prize is worthwhile.

Part of Sparkz’s prize was to travel to New York where he worked with a variety of hip-hop artists in the studio and now with hype building, in addition to his name showing up beside the likes of Mouse Outfit, Broke n £nglish and Skittles he’s all set to demonstrate to you his blend of laid back productions and truthful real-life lyrics with his cracking EP, Back to Basics that you can download for free from his Facebook page.

After to you hear tracks like Smokin’ Ganja, Too Lazy and of course the title track Back to Basics I’m sure you’ll agree that his is a name that we’ll be hearing a lot more of. When you consider that just a week ago the streets of London and Manchester were filled with rioters and looters, with the general excuse that “there’s nothing for young folk to do” hearing someone like Sparkz waxing lyrical proves that those excuses are just bullshit. Not one to sit on his laurels Sparkz is keen to get on the microphone in and around Manchester whenever he can as well as working hard to improve his production skills.

Anyway, enough of me wittering on, jump on over to Sparkz Facebook page, click like and grab the free download and listen for yourself. While you’re waiting for the EP to download why not watch this promo video which features L Digz.

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