Dub Phizix on Soul:R – The Editor EP

You may or may not have already read an earlier entry where I’ve mentioned the Mancunian drum n bass producer/dj/artist Dub Phizix. Either way, he is releasing free Drum n Bass tracks from his Face Book page.

It’s not necessary to read those earlier entries in order to read this one but if you do like drum and bass, or even if you’re just interested in hearing free music read them in order to access the free downloads as they’ll allow you to explore some slightly different styles. Who knows, you may like it? You’ll find the entries here and here.

Anyway, Dub Phizix has a 4 track EP entitled The Editor coming out on 19 September. The EP features the vocal talents of Strategy, Chimpo and Fox all three of them are from Manchester and the EP is being released on the Mancunian label SOUL:R, which just so happens to be celebrating it’s 10th year anniversary this year. There’s certainly a creative buzz in Manchester and the output is very pleasing to the ears.

I’ve been having a listen to the EP and have a sneaky suspicion that drum and bass fans are going to be in rapture when they get their ears around it. Thankfully you don’t have to wait until 19 September to have a listen. There is a 10 minute sampler embedded at the end of this entry.

It’s hard to pick a favourite, however track 4, Bateman, was deliciously darkish and energetic and caused a shiver of excitement to shoot down my spine every time I listened to the opening beats. However if I’m honest then I have to say that each track has a particular part that makes me mouth “fuck yeah!” as I listen, head spinning on a 5 minute beat laden trip.

If you’ve listened to none or not very much drum and bass, I’d recommend having a listen as there’s a nice variety amongst the 4 tracks. It may not necessarily be where Britain’s drum and bass scene is going; with it’s Mancunian heavy contingent it’s safer to say The Editor is an audio shop window of Manchester’s drum and bass scene and in that respect it’s an encouraging sign that the future for drum and bass in the UK looks bright, or dark depending on what makes you smile!

Don’t forget you can purchase your copy of The Editor from A Bunch of Cuts from 19 September 2011. Please leave a comment after you’ve had a listen to the sampler. I’d be interested in knowing what you thought.

If you cannot see the player visit http://www.promo.soulr.com/

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