A Duvet Weekend

This weekend was one of those weekends where I had what seems like a million and one things to do and strangely was also a weekend where I was in the mood to do some, if not all of them. At least that’s how it was on Friday but Friday was also the day I did nothing but sneeze.

I sneezed a few times on the bus heading into work, much to the annoyance of fellow commuters. I sneezed a dozen times or so at work and then of course threw in a few more sneezes on the bus ride home.

After I arrived home and settled down with a cup of tea I thought about what I had to do. I made a list, checked it twice, checked it a third time where I scored some things off and added a few in their place. Then off to bed to get ready for the weekend of activity.

Saturday morning arrived much sooner than I had expected, a common problem for insomniacs and with it were more sneezes only this time they had brought their friends runny and blocked who took up residence in my nose. How considerate of them to visit on my days off!

So, I spent the weekend pretty much in bed other than when I got so bored lying in bed that I got up and took the duvet to the sofa where I proceeded to lie down and watch a selection of movies one of which greatly amused me. It was a film called Despicable Me, an animated movie that was highly amusing as an adult and I’m sure would be loved by children too.

I also re-watched Watching The Detectives from 2007 which stars the super cute Lucy Lui, it’s not award winning stuff but perfect for a Sunday afternoon when you want a few laughs and don’t particularly want to tax your brain.

When I looked at IMDB this evening I noticed a comment that said Lucy Lui spent an entire scene with her nipple exposed. Despite having watched it 3 or 4 times do you think I’ve ever noticed it? I shall of course be looking for it when I watch it next, assuming I remember that I plan on looking for it!

Now it’s back to bed to watch Megamind, more animated super-villain fun!


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