Normal Service Will Be Resumed…

Hello and Happy New Year to you, regardless of when you read this!

As you’ll see there’s been another long gap between the last post and this one. All very hectic round here at Omneo Towers.  The holiday period passed without a hitch i.e. no injuries sustained whilst socialising and plenty of rest was had, which is why no blogging was done, very little tweeting either truth be told!

There won’t be time for a proper update for a week or two. This is a result of my annual aversion to doing my tax return which results in me spending most of January trying to scrabble together last years paperwork so that I can file it online by the end of the month.

Yesterday I managed to sort out the contents of The Tax Drawer, which as the name suggests is simply a drawer filled to bursting with any paperwork I need for the return. Now to find the enthusiasm to start working with numbers…oh joy!

It’s also a busy and rather exciting time. I managed to get a stand for the Vibes Saxophone mute so I can now start making some noise with that! In addition I’ve enrolled on a photography course, just an introductory one; given that I bought the DSLR last year it’s about time I learnt to take a proper bloody photo with it and much to everyone’s amusement, I’ve started knitting!  I joined a group on Sunday for a few hours. Now, some may scoff at the idea but personally I’ve no objection to being the only guy in a group of 6 females!

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