I Think I Want A Google Nexus 7 Tablet

I have to admit to being not much of an Apple fanboy. Yes, they have kit that look nice but it’s also expensive and I’m not convinced paying for form over function is a wise idea, though I’d probably re-evaluate that if I had more disposable income than I do. So, while I’ve looked at and admired other people’s iPads, I’ve never been tempted to buy one because I just don’t know what I would use it for that would justify the £500.

That price issue is something else that bugs me about Apple, they use the worst US$ to GB£ exchange rate going, Adobe is another one but that’s a rant for another time. Apple’s 32Gb iPad is $599 in the US but £479 in the UK whereas $599 at today’s exchange rate of US $1 = £0.641 would make it just £384.32. That’s a significant difference but enough people seem willing to pay it which is no doubt why Apple are worth billions. To think, there’s supposedly a recession in the World.

Now, I’ve seen a few Android tablets but they’re mostly hit or miss with the cheaper ones being really cheap in more ways than price and the not so cheap ones not really offering much bang for buck. I was therefore intrigued by the announcement of Google’s Nexus 7. The 7 refers to the size, not the version.

It’s a 7″ wide tablet so smaller than the iPad in size and also price, the 16Gb version is $249 in the US and £199 in the UK, going by today’s exchange rate that would be £159.76. They also offer an 8Gb version for $199/£149. At those prices I’m actually tempted tho I do still wonder what I’d use it for, it’s wi-fi only so unlike my phone I couldn’t easily use it on the bus unless I tethered it to my mobile I suppose.

It’s due to be released in the UK on 19 July but you can pre-order it, not only from Google but also places like ebuyer; while Google charge £9.99 for delivery, it is free from ebuyer. Bizarrely Google aren’t, as yet, selling the plastic cover in the UK. Why not is anyone’s guess?!

The Nexus 7 has been made by ASUS who have some very nice bits of kit available now and in the not too distant future; I really like the look of the PadFone. A 4.3″ Android phone which slots into a 10.1″ tablet thereby allowing you to share the data plan and boosting the battery life. It’s available to pre-order for £599.99 SIM free from Expansys


  1. Yes, the FonePad from ASUS shares that docking ability that they have with the Transformer. So essentially it’s a phone, a tablet and a netbook of sorts. Quite nifty if you ask me tho I’m trying to figure out if I want to shell out £600+ on one. :/

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