A Glorious State of Suspension

It’s a great relief to wade through your inbox and find something that puts a smile on your face and no, I’m not talking about that Tulisa Contostavlos video that didn’t feature her. It was the news that a dark yet funky drum n bass EP, State of Suspension from Amoss dropped today on the Dispatch Recordings label. If you don’t know who Amoss are and you like drum n bass then you better get used to the name as I think you’ll be hearing a lot more from these boys. The boys in question being James Evans and Andy Tweedale who met at school in Herefordshire, of all places!

State of Suspension is an EP which loads as much in 4 tracks as some artists manage in an album of a dozen tracks or more. Whether it’s the stunningly good opening track Shapeshifter featuring MC Fokus or my particular favourite, New Jack Swing, I doubt any drum n bass fan will be disappointed and what’s more, if you buy any digital version you can pick up a killer exclusive track, Tikkd. Quite frankly I think that getting 5 tracks for a mere £3.50 makes it unlikely you’ll find anything better to spend your hard-earned pennies on this week but if you can find something better let me know about it!

As always, I wouldn’t suggest you buy something without listening to it so pop over to SoundCloud and have a listen to all five tracks;  Shapeshifter, New Jack Swing, Latch, Rollpipe and Tikkd for yourself. After all they do say hearing is believing and I for one am a believer, tho most definitely not a Bieleber

James and Andy are currently the driving force towards Kent based label Horizons Music with whom they have released a number of tracks on various releases, most notably their Spectrum EP which displayed the duo’s determination to push the boundaries of what Amoss was truly about. Not ones to sit still this year the duo are set to appear at the Meeting Points festival in the Czech Republic as well as making their return to Nozstock Festival and if that wasn’t enough they’re hard at work penning their follow-up to the Spectrum EP for Horizons Music.

State of Suspension is available from Surus (£4.50 FLAC/£3.50 MP3)iTunes (£2.49) and Beatport (£6.50)

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