Omneo, Omneo wherefore art thou?

Firstly, I know I’m using wherefore incorrectly in the Shakespearian sense but the English language is so mangled I doubt many people will notice and fewer yet will care. Now that that’s out of the way let me begin by saying this is just a quick, stop-gap post.

A few people have emailed me asking why there have been no updates, if you’ve sent me press releases or material you were hoping me to mention I apologise for not doing so but I have an excuse, a good one too! Before I begin I should warn you the remainder touches on feelings. Yes, I have them, buried away somewhere.

Last month my younger brother died in a car accident. My brother and I weren’t particularly close in fact, as with most of my family, we rarely spoke but that just made things more difficult as I had to put the 9 years of silence behind me and call my mother to find out how she and the rest of the family were doing.  Shortly after that I found out that my 2 closest friends, who I’ve known since I moved to London aged 17, had taken turns for the worse physically.

It almost seems fitting that a couple who have been practically inseparable for 42 years should both be struck down by illnesses at the same time, one with an inoperable form of Cancer (he’s already made it through 2 other bouts over the last 10 years…what is it they say about the 3rd time?) and the other with renal failure. I’ve therefore been busying myself shuttling from one hospital bedside to another in an attempt at cheering them up and ensuring they have whatever items they need.

It’s also made me realise how bereft I’ll feel when they do finally depart and this is really why I’ve been silent not only here but on Twitter, where I usually spout all manner of garbage pretty much 24hours a day; feeling as I do I worry that anything I say will be more morose than even I would like so I’m, for once, following the adage, If you have nothing good to say, shut the fuck up!

Now that both of them are in hospital things have eased up a little, as it was I was taking C. to dialysis 3 times a week which was both physically and emotionally draining. Now the routine is to call the hospital each morning to see how the previous night went before calling them both to see how they both feel and find out what they might need. One thing I can tell you for sure, using T-Mobile’s automated phone top-up facility is quite possibly the most frustrating thing I’ve encountered.  It would have helped if their website quick top up facility actually worked but every attempt I’ve made to use it has resulted in an internal server error which they handily describe as “a complicated problem has occurred” After 3 weeks you’d think their boffins might have fixed it!

Well, you kinda get the picture as to what’s been going on. I’m slowly getting myself in order and have started listing everything that I have to try and get posted soon. A few things will have to get axed whilst others will not get the full Omneo treatment, some might see that as a good thing, who knows?

So, fret not dear readers, I shall be clogging your digital arteries soon enough so go make hay while the sun shines!

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