It’s gonna be a bright, bright sunshiny day!

Another quick update, this time on a more positive note, of sorts. Having been laid low with some sort of virus/fever, yesterday I managed to both eat food that my body retained for longer than 30 minutes (use your imagination!) and I left the house and inhaled fresh-ish air, it might only have been a trip to the chemist but it felt like an expedition.

Today however I awoke and felt really, really good. I have a strong feeling that the 2hr+ phone conversation I had last night with a friend was a contributing factor. The funny thing about friendships, or at least with me and my friendships, is that I may not speak to them for a long time and I don’t mean weeks and months but I seldom stop thinking about them.

I’m not sure when I changed but I used to be a constant chatterbox on the phone, 2hr calls were once the norm and now suddenly I’m much more aware that I text instead of talking and it really bothers me. Sure texting is quick and convenient, you never know if someone is busy or not so you send a text and exchange a few and then call it quits. I’m puzzled why I don’t just text to say, Hey! Is it convenient to call? I’m making this a late New Year’s Resolution, or early, call it what you want.

So, today I’ll mostly be cleaning the flat, catching a friends band play this afternoon (part of The Stow Festival) and returning to listen to all the choonage I have to catch up on, so be prepared for quite a bit of music related stuff over the next week or two.

One thing I watched while laid low was something that was on TV recently, Idris Elba (most people know him from The Wire, for me he’s Luther) introducing a show called How Clubbing Changed the World. It’s a few minutes shy of 1hr  40mins long but whether you like EDM (Electronic Dance Music) or not it’s interesting and educational, I certainly learnt a few things. Why not have a watch, opinion is divided on YouTube but I enjoyed it.

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