Wanna be a DJ? Try the KISS Remixer

KISS Remixer IconI’m sure I’m not the only one who has harboured a secret desire to be a DJ. From about 1996-2006 I was very much into EDM  and often thought about buying a set of turntables and a mixer. For reasons I won’t go into that never happened but it didn’t stop me thinking that if I only had the right tools I could be the next DJ Superstar, move over Frankie Knuckles, DJ Omneo is in town!

Fast forward to 2012 and I’ve been living the dream thanks to an app from Soniqplay called the KISS Remixer. I’ll be honest, I haven’t listened to KISS for a number of years, DJs I liked left and gradually I found myself listening less and less but it’s one of those stations that I hear occasionally and think, “Why don’t I listen to KISS more often?” I’m not sure this app will make me listen more but it has provided some fun on the bus ride into work.

So what is the KISS Remixer? Well, if you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod or a Blackberry device you can find out with a free download from the Apple App Store or Blackberry App World, Android fans will have to wait tho as it’s not yet available, something about sound quality over the range of handsets. I’m not sure I buy that but that’s probably why I don’t develop apps, hell I can’t even manage to post a blog all that regularly of late!

Although I’m more of an Android fan when it comes to phones and tablets I do have an iPod Touch so I was able to play around with the app and it’s pretty sweet. After installing you get a free track to play around with, for me it was Girl’s Anthem by Rogue, however there are currently around 14 others available to buy for £1.99 with each paid download via the app being recognized by the Official Charts Company and therefore will be reflected in the tracks weekly chart position.

So what are you getting for your £1.99? Essentially you’re getting all the individual elements of a song – vocals, guitar, drums, bass, percussion, etc.  which allows you to remix it however you wish with the added ability to add effects on top. Once you’ve finished with your masterpiece you can quickly share it via Twitter and Facebook and of course it’ll be saved to your device to be played back later, perhaps for the Xmas party?

One thing that will certainly appeal is the way they have integrated it with the radio station in so far as competitions are concerned. If you really do fancy yourself as a DJ you can enter your remix directly to the station and perhaps break on through to the big time. Just be aware you won’t have any competition from me, I seem to be master of the ultra extended remix with the average length of my mixes being no less than 12 minutes long AND that is before I discovered a whole range of effects I didn’t know existed before.

Yes, being a typical bloke I didn’t bother reading the built in help guide or watching the video so was blissfully ignorant of how to get the most out of the app so if you are going to install it and it’s free so why wouldn’t you? Spend the 59 seconds it takes to watch how it works while the app downloads and then go enjoy yourself, it’s a lot of fun!

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