Requiem For A Dream

Make a WillThe last few months have been fairly draining. In August my younger brother died in a car accident, in November my best friend died of cancer and a couple of weeks ago his partner died of kidney failure and next month will be the fifth anniversary of my gran’s death. Needless to say death has been on my mind lately.

If there is one thing I can tell you it is this; no matter whether you are rich or poor you should make a will. My friend who died of kidney failure didn’t leave a will and he had no living family and only a few friends. This means the Treasury gets any money left in his estate. So unless you’re happy to have your belongings sold off and given to the Crown, MAKE A WILL!

On a slightly lighter note, you may have heard about the CataCombo Sound System, it seems to be all over the internet. In case you haven’t it’s made up of 3 components; a CataCoffin, a CataTomb and a CataPlay app.

The CataCoffin is basically a coffin with built in speakers and amplifier which connects to the CataTomb, a headstone which houses a hard drive and 7″ display and 4G wireless internet connection all controlled by, you guessed it, the CataPlay app which links to Spotify.

Now, far be it for me to be so sceptical but the creator of this system is the CEO of a Swedish music shop, which houses the only example of the ‘creation’ for people to go have a look at. Talk about a sure fire way to get free publicity! let’s face it, who is going to spend  €23,500 on a coffin that plays music to your corpse, assuming that you’ll fine a cemetery which allows you to install a power line and internet connection to power the bloody thing and let’s not begin to ask what’s going to stop people making off with the CataTomb with it’s hard drive full of MP3s!

Fair play to Pause’s CEO Fredrik Hjelmquist, he managed to get me writing about his shop, have a look at his glossy ad which for some reason needs an attractive model to convince you of it’s appeal, why no skeletal corpses I don’t know!

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