The Truth About Love, The Aftermath & The Scottish Play

Orange RainOne of the good things about liking a wide variety of music is not only getting to enjoy that variety it’s also the ability to surprise people who for one reason or another don’t expect you to like something that you do. Now, this can be because what you like is a bit cringe worthy, a bit cheesy or you know, just out and out naff.

I recall how I was mocked by friends when I revealed how much I liked Britney Spears and bought tickets to see her perform at The O2 in 2009. In the end I didn’t go as I’d recently split with a girlfriend and didn’t feel like sitting next to her while Britney did her stuff, what was more annoying was it was one of the few occasions I’d managed to get good seats at the O2, 7 rows from the front of block 101, I’m sure that Britney’s perspiration would have reached me!

One of my other guilty pleasures is performing next month, again at The O2 but this time it seems I don’t have to be as embarrassed at revealing I like Pink or rather P!nk. P!nk is cool, she rocks, she writes great songs and like Britney she is very easy on the eye.

Unfortunately for me I wasn’t able to find anyone willing to accompany me to the gig when Pink Tickets went on sale but now that she’s added another night to the London leg of her The Truth About Love tour, she is performing  at The O2 on 24, 25, 27 & 28 April 2013, I’m hoping someone I know finds themselves with a spare and asks me along. I know, I know, it smacks of desperation but if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

The Aftermath LPIn the blink of an eye we go from a US pop icon to a truly awesome French Drum and Bass label, I mean of course IM:LTD who regular readers will know I often mention whenever they drop something tasty, remember Closer from ArpXP? Earlier this week IM:LTD released another compilation album entitled The Aftermath and what a beauty it is.

The title and album cover betray the contents of The Aftermath’s 10 track disc/digital download. The world has ended, you’re all alone and you’re going to need something to get you through the dystopian wasteland, this is the time for dark and edgy drum and bass that reminds you of the life that was and what may be. Yes, imagine if you will emo drum n bass!

OK, now I’ve got your attention I know you’ll click on the SoundCloud link but before you do check out this video for the closing number from Physical Illusion ft.Kryptomedic called We Feeling What We Doing. A perfect blend of chill out ambient DnB that energises from within with vocals that sneak up and tap you on the back of the head, begging the question are you alone after all?

Finally, the dystopian wasteland surfaced again for me on Wednesday night when I went along to see James McAvoy in the new production of The Scottish Play, Macbeth. I have to be honest, it’s the only Shakespearian play I really like and I say that not because I was born and raised in Scotland. It has it all, the lead character who is intrinsically good but easily led by his love of a good albeit bad woman. It has action scenes, tragedy, blood and gore and revenge. What’s not to like?

This production was excellent, set in a Scotland of the future. You know it’s not going to be your same old same old production when the 3 witches arise from trapdoors in the floor dressed in combat trousers, boots, vest tops smeared in blood and wearing gas masks whilst shouting out their prophesies.

I was fortunate enough to be only a few rows from the front otherwise I may have struggled to make out what they were saying but that was the only criticism I could level at the entire production and it was a fairly minor one (unless you were sat at 10 rows behind perhaps).

It was loud, it had bags of energy, buckets of blood and managed to inject the right amount of humour to get the audience chuckling at the funny bits, which people forget are in there. The script, whilst a modern take on it, was treated respectfully with only a few lines missing here and there, cut to suit the futuristic setting.

As far as I can gather it is sold out but no doubt there will be tickets available on StubHub or you can try the theatre direct for returns. It’s well worth making the effort to see it if you like Macbeth or like a lot of the females in the audience, you like a bearded James McAvoy!

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