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Sense Sensible Making StopWell, if there’s one thing I’ve realised this week it’s that I’m not great at getting myself to the right gig with the right ticket on the right day.

There was momentary panic when I realised I’d deleted the email confirmation to last week’s Comedy for Depression gig in aid of the Depression Alliance. Thankfully it was all sorted a few hours before the event and we all laughed jollily.

On Friday I was due to go to the Scala to hear a band called Hijack Stories. I thought I’d got it all worked out, I’d booked Friday off work so I could laze around at home and then rock through the night. However it all went a bit Pete Tong once I realised I’d left the tickets on my desk at work…bother!

No matter I thought, a quick detour to work to collect the tickets should sort things out. I didn’t allow for the Fort Knox entry system scuppering my plans, so whilst I had the key fob for the outer door, I didn’t bring one for the inner door so there was no Friday night gig. Oh well, I had the Counting Crows to look forward to on Monday.

Leaving the house on Monday morning I ensured the gig tickets were in my bag, wouldn’t it be silly if I forgot them? I didn’t,  in my bag they went. After finishing work I headed to Hammersmith, arrived there and go into my bag to get tickets … Oh look! Here are the tickets for Hijack Stories that were sitting next to the Counting Crows tickets on my desk!

To say I’m annoyed with myself is an understatement. I’d initially been reluctant to fork out £90 for the Crows; despite being a favourite band they’ve hardly done anything new so it was hard to justify the cost.

Next month I have tickets to see The Postal Service. Here’s hoping I can manage to turn up to the right gig, on the right night, with the right tickets!

IMLTD 1211 - White Owl - Front (600x600)Thankfully it hasn’t all been bad news on the music front. For the last week or so I’ve been enjoying some new drum n bass tracks that are coming out next week. One is by Ukranian Hibea whose White Owl/The Form is released on Monday 29 April on one of my favourite DnB labels, that French powerhouse IM:LTD. If you picked up The Aftermath, another of IM:LTD’s releases you’ll be familiar with Hibea whose track Butterfly was included.

I’m not sure what they’re doing over at IM:LTD but whatever it is my brain’s pleasure receptors are triggered in a  positive way when I listen to stuff on their label. Coincidence or something else?

Either way I enjoyed pondering that thought and thousands just as trivial while sitting in the top deck of a bus stuck in traffic but really quite enjoying the traffic jam and the rare burst of sunshine we were having.

White Owl/The Form drops on vinyl and digital. Digital versions come with 2 exclusive remixes as ever they make it so easy now with SoundCloud links so you can have a listen for yourself, just in case we have widely differing ideas on what our DnB should sound like (me: loud, bass heavy, loud)

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”405″ iframe=”true” /]


Also out on Monday is a delicious EP, Diffraction of Sound, which is Protect Audio‘s 6th release. You’re getting some nice contrasting styles of DnB here and if you’re like me you’ll probably favour these sorta releases as you get to hear a few different artists resulting in more new names to watch out for. Choice. It’s nice.

Stand out track for me I think is Marukomu’s Iridium. What do you think?

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]


That’s the trouble with choice, hard to narrow things down. No matter how you look at it tho, you’re getting 4 quality tracks and that’s music to my ears!


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