Rip It Up…And Start Again


Procrastination. I’m really good at it; it’s a skill I wish I didn’t excel at but hey, we’ve all got to be good at something, right?

I realise how bad I’m getting when I log in to this blog and see I have 14 draft posts. That’s 14 mildly entertaining posts you could have been reading but the reality is I’ll never finish them, I know that yet I tell myself, “Oh, that’s a good one, I’ll finish it later.” Who am I kidding?

So, what to do about it? Well, I’ve seen the beat procrastination courses advertised on-line that may well work but I’m so bad I’m not sure I’d be bothered to watch the videos in their entirety.

Like most procrastinators I’ve started books and you’ve guessed it, never finished them but after thinking about it long and hard I realise procrastination is just like any other addiction. You need to want to give it up and be ready to do so.

Rip It Up Book CoverI’m at that stage now so I thought I’d look and see what relatively painless options were out there and that’s when I discovered a book called Rip It Up by Richard Wiseman.

Richard holds Britain’s only Chair in the Public Understanding of Psychology and has published a few books. Interestingly he started life as a magician before turning to psychology.

One of the main reasons I thought I’d try his book is because unlike most self-help books, Richard says of Rip It Up, “Forget positive thinking, it’s time for positive action.” That’s something I can buy into. If it works, you can expect to see more blog posts, if it doesn’t work you won’t notice much of a change.

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