The Road To Nowhere…

road to nowhere postOver the last few months things have been more than a little hectic and probably an indicator that the new activities are certainly keeping me busy but also leaving me feeling in need of a break, which was why I was looking forward to today.

Fritz, Gillian & Maury were flying out from Manchester and I was flying out from Gatwick with the intention of the four of us meeting at Malaga airport and spending the weekend in a villa just relaxing.

What made it feel even better was the fact that I’d paid for the flights end of July/beginning of August so obviously I’d forgotten about the transaction, making it feel like a totally free holiday!

The fact I’m doing one of those rare updates when I should be eating tapas should indicate things did not go according to plan. Planning is something I tend to over-do, spending more time making provision for scenarios that even I know are highly unlikely to ever happen and yet… I’d either be great or terrible at media planning!

A large part of my planning was centred on  getting to the airport. If I set out from home, allowing for the lack of traffic the journey would have required me to set out around 3am. Knowing myself I know that option would have meant not sleeping so I opted to stay in an airport hotel overnight rather than spending today feeling tired and lethargic. That’s the part of my plan that was to prove my undoing.

yawning woman holding an alarm clockWhen checking in I was asked if I wanted a wake-up call, I declined saying I’d use the TV. I set the alarm for 4.40am and fell asleep (acupuncture is great) woke at 6:30am, 10 minutes before the gate closed for the flight.

Reception claimed some malfunction with the system reset the TV during the night which caused the alarm not to function. Having worked front of house in a hotel I suspect my room was accidentally checked-out again I suspect, due to a tired staff member in the wee small hours listening to an equally tired guest checking-out.

Now, I don’t know about you but when I buy tickets online I answer NO  to all the little upgrade options, which in this instance included the flight insurance option for a couple of quid. I scoffed at parting with the cost of half a fast food meal, who’s laughing now eh?

Upshot was the cheapest flight I was offered was almost £300 which I reluctantly decided was an expense I couldn’t really justify, where’s that half a fast food meal when you need it?

So, I hope you can laugh and smile along with me as I ponder the 5 very expensive hours of sleep I had in the Gatwick airport hotel, that shall remain nameless. As well as missing out on good times with friends I’ve missed the opportunity to pig out on turrón.


  1. Oh no!!! That’s TERRIBLE luck.

    Definitely write to the head office of the hotel at the very least :(

  2. As it happened the hotel offered me 50% of the cost of the flights, ‘as a gesture of good will’ better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!

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