Detroit’s Dystopian Delights

Desolate DetroitThis year has seen me have not one but two venturing further than the EU holidays. In April I went to Seoul (a blog is coming, along with Christmas) and last month I ventured over to the US for a mini-trip, one of the highlights of which was a few days in Detroit, which I’m sure is no longer home to Robocop.

If you’re not aware, Detroit applied for Chapter 9 bankruptcy in 2013 which, at the time, was the biggest  municipal bankruptcy filing in U.S. history by debt, estimated at $18–20 billion. One thing that survives is a burgeoning street art scene and  abandoned properties galore.

For a lot of people that wouldn’t sound like a holiday but for someone like myself, it was glorious. Whole neighbourhoods abandoned, properties stripped of everything and anything that could be worth a dime.

For an idea of the sorts of sights you can find in Detroit, check out Detroiturbex which should satisfy your ruin porn cravings.

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