Here I Am, Where I Always Was

i'm exactly where I need to be / how do you know / here i am

Social media is a funny old beast. You can be plugged in to it and lets face it, most of us are, yet somehow manage to be adrift on our own little world most of the time. no? Perhaps it’s just me after all?!

In early 2009, when people I knew were signing up to a site called Twitter I remember wondering out loud, Who would use a site where you could only communicate in under 140 characters?? I certainly didn’t think I’d make much use of it is as I liked blogging and I was pretty sure I’d never adapt to a method which required such brevity.

It would appear that I was totally wrong, I can cope quite happily sending short messages in fact I seem to be unable at times to construct paragraphs a lot of the time now and as a result the blog has suffered.

As you’ll see, over the last year or so the quantity of posts have decreased to the extent that I sometimes wonder why I bother to maintain it but by the same token, I can’t ever imagine not having it. It’s true, I don’t write as much personal stuff as I once did, partly a result of relative strangers reading it who I cross paths with from time to time.

Weirdly, when I knew no one read this I happily posted the minutia of my life and even when I noticed the reader count increase I still didn’t censor myself because I didn’t know any of voyeuristic eyeballs that were feasting themselves on the humdrum reality that is my life.

Sometimes I sit down and have an urge to just write and see where I end up but it’s not always as easy as staring at the screen as my fingers tip tap away; for a start I can’t touch type so I spend a lot of time staring at the keyboard, wondering how my brain knows that it’s fucked up and once more spelled ‘the’ as ‘teh’ within a fraction of a second of me hitting the keys.

Most of the time however I’m knocking out messages in under 140 characters that don’t really say much but like Katie Hopkins, I’m unlikely to give up just yet.

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