Aves and Proboscidea

Well, it was only a matter of time before Musk fucked up Twitter but I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect it to happen so fast. I would like to think there is a ‘plan’ that is being played out, in the background that we, mere mortals, are unaware of.

However I may just be gifting Musk with more credit than he is due, I can’t say I have ever been a fan of his so as soon as it confirmed he’d ‘bought’ Twitter, with the help of the murdering Prince from Saudi Arabia, I did what I didn’t think I ever would, I joined Mastodon and embarked on yet another social media journey.

Why was I so reluctant to look for a new home? Mainly because I was already growing tired of Twitter and the doom scrolling. I made things worse for myself by having different accounts for different topics, and in the end could seldom remember to share my random thoughts on the ‘correct’ account, so most were updated half-heartedly, which I managed to wind myself up more and more by ranting about politics.

Off the bat, Mastodon appeared confusing for all the talk of it being a replacement for Twitter, it looked similar to Twitter but as I explored, and the more guides I read from short and long term Mastodon users, the more I realsied it was nothing like today’s incarnation of Twitter (though when I say today’s version Musk will have probably made 40 changes in the time it takes me to write this post)

Mastodon feels like a place to have conversations rather than share links and get outraged, even though you may not know why, but if everyone else is outraged, you must be as well or they’ll want to know why you aren’t, right?

And this is where I leave you, for now. I really just wanted to post something to check out an integration I’ve made, if all goes well, this post should appear on my blogs very own Mastodon account, that you can follow on the Fediverse. If it works, just pop this into the search bar: @mr.omneo@www.mr-omneo.co.uk

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