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RIFT’s Macbeth and Gruff Theatre

A few weeks ago I did something I didn’t think I would do, I attended an immersive theatre experience. I was seduced because a) it was Macbeth and b) I was going with 9 others so I felt comfortable knowing I could blend into the background should any actor try to get me involved in things. What is it they say about the best laid plans?

Firstly, let me mention that the production of Macbeth by RIFT was fantastic not least because the venue was the beautiful Brutalist structure known as Balfron Tower in East London. Proceedings started at 8pm Friday night and finished at 8am Saturday morning. However for the 12 hours we were there, it was a place called Borduria. Read More→

What If There Is No Fat Lady?

No Fat Ladies HereHow many times have you heard someone tell you that it isn’t over until the fat lady has sung? I’ll be honest, I’ve never really known where that expression originated. I’ve always assumed it was opera related and something everyone knew via osmosis.

Why am I admitting this to you? Well, I thought I would tell you because I’ve just spent some time Googling it because I considered it for the title of this post and wanted to know what it meant. Whilst the phrase does indeed make reference to an opera; Wagner’s Ring Cycle, the “fat lady” is the valkyrie Brünnhilde and her final aria at almost 20 minutes pretty much draws the epic to a close. Read More→

Hot Town, Summer In The City

Culture VultureGiven the current less than warm weather it’s perhaps a little premature to be thinking of Summer but if you can’t start thinking of Summer in the middle of April when can you? OK, don’t answer that.

Sometimes I can understand the whole, When a man is tired of London, he’s tired of life thing. There’s so much going on and a lot of it doesn’t cost a penny that it’s hard to imagine that you would get bored but for many and I include myself here, it’s precisely because there is so much happening that people feel a little overwhelmed. With so much choice it’s easy to do nothing as you struggle to decide upon what to do. Read More→

The Truth About Love, The Aftermath & The Scottish Play

Orange RainOne of the good things about liking a wide variety of music is not only getting to enjoy that variety it’s also the ability to surprise people who for one reason or another don’t expect you to like something that you do. Now, this can be because what you like is a bit cringe worthy, a bit cheesy or you know, just out and out naff.

I recall how I was mocked by friends when I revealed how much I liked Britney Spears and bought tickets to see her perform at The O2 in 2009. In the end I didn’t go as I’d recently split with a girlfriend and didn’t feel like sitting next to her while Britney did her stuff, what was more annoying was it was one of the few occasions I’d managed to get good seats at the O2, 7 rows from the front of block 101, I’m sure that Britney’s perspiration would have reached me! Read More→

2012 London Film Festival

Most people who know me and probably a few who don’t but who peruse this blog will know that I seldom go to the cinema. Now I’m no film buff, I tend to treat them the way I treat art, theatre and music i.e. I’m pretty good at knowing what I like. In my opinion that’s the most important thing to be good at, screw everyone else’s opinion.

So now that you know that, feel free to ignore reading the remainder of this as I’m going to bore you with some thoughts on a couple of films I’ve seen this week after raiding my piggy bank and booking  films that are part of the London Film Festival (LFF), the 56th one I’m told but the 1st I’ve attended in the 23 years I’ve lived in London; jumping on the bandwagon is not my natural instinct.

New readers probably won’t know this but I tend to be an all or nothing type of character. If I’m going to try something new I will usually jump in feet first and immerse myself. So having decided that I should go to the cinema more often I set about marking off the films I thought looked interesting when I received my copy of the LFF programme. In total I marked off 23 films I wanted to see with perhaps another 8-10 maybes. However when booking opened and I saw that the average ticket price was £15 a radical cull took place. Read More→