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Rave About: Burn-Out Rib Challenge at The Red Dog Saloon

A Million Ways to Die in the West scenePeople who know me or even know of me, know I like my food on the spicier side of life.

I’ll admit it wasn’t always the case but once I experienced the pleasant sensation of my mouth burning I was hooked; they say chillies release the same endorphins as sex and chocolate so that may explain everything.

That being the case I didn’t hesitate on Wednesday when asked if I wanted to take part in the Death by Food: Burn-Out Rib Challenge being run by the Red Dog Saloon in association with Universal Pictures recent film, A Million Ways to Die in the West, which stars Seth Macfarlane, Liam Neeson, Neil Patrick Harris and Charlize Theron.

The challenge was quite simple:

  • Three extra-large ribs coated in a hot spicy sauce
  • Three minutes to finish
  • Three minutes burn time

I’ve eaten at the Red Dog a lot so I kinda knew what to expect. I haven’t, as yet, done their hot wing challenge but I’ve eaten more of their ribs than is decent and didn’t think it would be impossible. Was my confidence misplaced?

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Rave About: BrewDog

brewdogIf you read yesterday’s post where I ranted about Kickstarter you’d be forgiven for thinking I was against the whole crowdfunding idea. I’m not. I think there are great projects around that really embrace the concept of crowdfunding.

Sellaband was one such project although I did get stung there by investing in an unsigned UK-based, American fronted band that was great live. unfortunately the lead singer got deported back to the US for working illegally and I was left with 90 CD’s to try to sell to a public who would never be able to see them live in the UK.

I digress, as you’ll have noticed from the title it’s BrewDog I’m here to rave about, not Sellaband. If you are a beer drinker you’ll no doubt be familiar with the name of the Scottish brewery who kicked off, some would say, the mass production of craft/micro brewing in the UK.

If you’re a Daily Mail reader who took a wrong turning at the lights and stumbled across this post you’ll probably recognize the name as belonging to the company who make beer stronger than the gin you have before dinner that may or may not be responsible for Cancer.

BrewDog have embraced crowdfunding, not by offering backers a few bottles of beer in return for their money but rather they’ve taken inspiration from Victor Kiam (in a way) and have offered backers shares in the company. They call it Equity for Punks but you’ll often see it referred to as EFP. Read More→

Rant About: Kickstarter


When I first heard about Kickstarter I thought it was a novel approach for people with ideas to get funding from a community of users who would like that item/service but for which banks and other regular sources of funding might not be so willing to lend funds to.

Now I’m not so sure. For every original project requiring funding there appear to be 6 or 7 dubious projects that, quite frankly, should be directed towards a bank.

My biggest bugbear are those projects set up by quite successful trading individuals and companies who are looking to expand their operation. You can’t go on social media these days without someone hawking their Kickstarter project to pay for new premises or a bigger and faster version of a piece of equipment that they already have.

I’m sick of reading bullshit business plans that 2 or 3 years ago a bank would have gladly lent funds for, even during the recession, if only the person behind the project wasn’t too tight to go take out a loan and pay it and the interest on it back. Instead they crowdfund by offering pre-orders of whatever product is being sold to the backers.  Read More→

Rest and Relaxation in Cornwall

snowy benchLast week I left London behind and headed West to Falmouth in Cornwall for a week of what I hoped would be rest and relaxation. I knew not to expect sunshine and a heatwave, in fact the idea of walking by the sea in gale force winds really appealed to me and I wasn’t disappointed!

I’m not quite sure why I settled upon Falmouth. I’d actually started talking about it 2 years ago, anyone who knows me will know that’s not very long in my book! Cornwall was one of William and Cleeve’s favourite places to holiday and I originally planned on visiting in August but as that coincided with them both being admitted to hospital I postponed the trip. It therefore seemed appropriate that it was Cornwall I went to when I needed somewhere to go to grieve their passing.

As you can imagine, January is not really the height of holiday season in the UK so a few places were closed, some ferries were out of action but that was okay by me, I had taken along my Buffy the Vampire Slayer box set on the off chance I didn’t face going out and in so doing managed to re-ignite my crush on Cordelia, played by the beautiful Charisma Carpenter who is currently helping raise money to buy beds for a school in Uganda. Read More→

It May Be Winter Outside…

Snow QueenIt’s that time of year again. I don’t mean the Winter weather which for some reasons always manages to bring London shuddering to a halt for at least a day. No, what I mean is the deadline for filing Self Assessments with her glorious majesties Revenue and Custom’s department is looming and as ever I’m on target for scraping mine in before the deadline.

Well, I say that but my deadline is a week earlier as I won’t be at home to file mine the night before as I’m off to the South West coast for a spot of me time. Yes, I know it’s hardly the weather for splish-splashing in the sea but when did I ever do anything the normal way.

Truth be told the only reason I’m updating the blog as I sit here sipping on a freshly juiced vegetable cocktail is because it’s either blog or start sifting through the drawer that I nickname The Tax Drawer. As you can imagine all it is is a drawer in my desk where I file every bit of paper from January to January, each year I swear I’ll file things more regularly but you know the score…

One thing the New Year has brought however is a flurry of red-hot music related stuff ( see what I did there?) We had David Bowie announcing the release of an album after 10 years, The Postal Service are hinting that a new album is on it’s way and Nick Cave announced the release of his 15th album which will see a performance with video, orchestra and band at a few select venues Worldwide. Read More→