When you have nothing nice to say…

It seems that all over the globe people are forgetting that adage that their parents were forever telling them as children. It’s better to say nothing if what you have to say isn’t nice.

Americans are experiencing it with Donald Trump who has made people believe it is not only acceptable but mandatory to wear their bigotry as a giant rosette, proudly affixed to themselves for all the World to see.  Meanwhile here in the UK we have friends, families and communities at each others throats over the referendum due to be held on 23 June over whether the UK should leave or remain a member of the EU.

On both counts it’s hard to escape the inflammatory language from both sides and in both cases that includes factions allegedly on the same side. Turn on the television, open a ‘news’ paper, log in to Facebook or scan your Twitter timeline and you’ll know what I mean. I am right and you are wrong vs. NO, I am right and YOU are wrong.  Read More→

Emptying The Void

Come Fly With MeThe brain is a funny old thing, don’t you think?  It’s capacity for storing, retrieving and processing information is quite incredible. In fact, when I stop to think about it my head hurts.  Actually, when I start thinking about most things my head hurts but do you think I can stop? Rhetorical question, don’t worry about it.

That’s primarily why I’ve neglected this place for so long. I often have things I want to write about but when I stop and start to think about them I just get so exhausted trying to unravel the thought to make something coherent to say I just give up.

My draft folder is like a graveyard of half forgotten thoughts, ideas and opinions that reading some of them I’m left scratching my head wondering, “What was I trying to say?” Today I did the only decent thing I could; I consigned them all to the deleted folder and emptied it. Out with the old and all that jazz. Read More→

Boys And Their Toys

When Sony launched the PS4 in the UK, in a moment of madness I decided to buy one. A bold move given my previous experience of games consoles was in 1999, when I owned a PlayStation and had an addiction to Tekken 3.

Since owning it I’ve dipped in and out of playing it. I don’t have great patience to learn how to use the various controls and neither for love nor money can I steer a car using the handheld controller.

Lately however I decided I wanted to try some of the driving games that people have been praising so I bought a copy of Need for Speed Rivals as it was on offer in the PlayStation Store.

Try as I might I’m just no good at steering. Anyone watching would be able to tell that I’ve never had a driving lesson and I’ve realised my ‘method’ is just to have maximum acceleration and then continually crash into stationary things.

After 2 or 3 weeks tho I wasn’t getting any better and then I remembered some friends who were very keen on driving simulators, they had a steering wheel and I remember trying it a few times and thinking it was pretty nifty. Might my abilities improve if I had a wheel instead of the controller, I wondered? Read More→

Here I Am, Where I Always Was

i'm exactly where I need to be / how do you know / here i am

Social media is a funny old beast. You can be plugged in to it and lets face it, most of us are, yet somehow manage to be adrift on our own little world most of the time. no? Perhaps it’s just me after all?!

In early 2009, when people I knew were signing up to a site called Twitter I remember wondering out loud, Who would use a site where you could only communicate in under 140 characters?? I certainly didn’t think I’d make much use of it is as I liked blogging and I was pretty sure I’d never adapt to a method which required such brevity. Read More→

Before You Turn Around…

Photo by geraltLooking back is often a good thing but on occasion it can be a good idea to pause and think about whether the past is where you want to be.

That’s not some nugget of wisdom I read on the internet or you know, one of those book things that some people still read. No, it’s a nugget of Omneo wisdom that I mined myself over the holiday period, so the jury is out on whether it’s actually worth listening to but for me it’s something I know I’m going to have to do something about in 2015. Read More→