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Alive in the Present, Mind the Future

IMG_20140521_212922When I started blogging, as Omneo, back in 2004 I didn’t have much of a plan or vision for it and truth be told I’m quite surprised that I’m still updating it and getting nudges from people when I don’t post for a while.

The site started life not so much as a blog as a place to collate things I found amusing from the internet, back when it was a strictly dial-up affair. I recently found a hard drive with the old site on it and I looked back at some of the stuff and scratched my head wondering what it was I found so amusing, then I remembered the quantities of drugs I was taking at the time and it all made sense, sort of.

The really short story about the origins of the Omneo name is that I took ownership of some surplus post-it pads whilst working in a hotel and whilst trying to think of a unique but memorable name for an online account I surveyed my desk, saw a post-it note and decided Omneo fitted the bill; it then became my go-to username for everything online. Read More→

Hijack Stories – EP #1

hijack storiesEagled eyed visitors will recognise the name Hijack Stories, from back in April. They were the band that I had tickets to see…sat in my office while I was at home. I did eventually see them in August when they played the Camden Barfly. It was a good gig with my only complaint at the time being the brevity of the set.

Scott, the bass player, advised me then that the band were going to be working on an EP and the next time I saw them there’d be more material. That was something to look forward to and so it was when Hijack Stories announced the launch of their EP would be at 333 Mother bar in Shoreditch on Saturday 26 October 2013. I was fortunate enough to be invited along and arrived in time to watch The Black Fields who were pretty good except for one slightly annoying factor…the lead singer insisted on singing with a ‘Suthrn drawl. Read More→

New Old Music

Lady Buggin'The back tattoo is getting closer to reality now that I’ve had an idea for what I’d like added to Scott’s painting.

On one side I envisage the notes that float from the leaves of the trees drift over my shoulder and start to fall, on my upper arm, into musical notation, wrapping around twice before tapering off. All fairly straightforward until I throw in my curve-ball; in a sort of rockabilly style.

No, I can’t quite explain what I mean when I say that, I can see the sort of look in my head but I can’t articulate it, you keep drawing and I’ll say hot or cold to guide you…wait, better put the kettle on now, this could take a while.

Once the tattoo goes from paper to skin I’ll finally get the chance to try out Forever Ink’s Ink Balm. Reviews I’ve read online have been scarce so far but all fairly positive. I tried Forever Ink’s Ink Shield for a few months and it seems to be a good product.

What with taking up new hobbies, going to the gym and pondering tattoo designs I’m frantically trying to play catch-up with new Drum n Bass releases. Often the reason for the delay is because I get side-tracked by a track that I just like to listen to. Read More→

Toothpaste As A Mind Suppressant

message-in-a-bottleWell, after the last post you can probably tell that I’ve still got a bit of work to do as far as getting one over on the procrastination. Actually, I’m being unduly harsh on myself, for once.

For the past few weeks I’ve been busy doing stuff. Now, I freely admit that some of that stuff has involved watching 20 hours of Forbrydelsen (The Killing) over 3 days but I’ve been doing other things too. Read More→