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You may not know it from the weather but you know summer has arrived when suddenly open air concerts you weren’t even aware existed announce their arrival.

I honestly don’t know how you’re supposed to keep up with everything as in order to get tickets you usually have to buy anything up to 9 months beforehand. That requires some serious organisational skills, which I fear I don’t possess.

I had the misfortune of missing Springsteen’s Wembley Stadium gig, his first in 25 years. Despite having purchased my ticket in October or November, come the day I was suffering from a foot injury which made standing for more than 10 minutes quite painful.

I reluctantly conceded that there’s no way I would manage one of the Bruce’s marathon performances. All is not lost, other than money, as The Boss is playing another gig next week as part of Hard Rock Calling, which has been shunted out to the Olympic Village in East London and which I’ve bought a ticket for, here’s hoping I don’t get hit by a falling piano between now and then.

With Hard Rock Calling leaving Hyde Park it was only natural something would fill the void, step forward the imaginatively titled British Summer Time Hyde Park, sponsored by Barclaycard, which runs from 5-14 July 2013.

I have to be honest this wasn’t really on my radar until earlier this week when I was surprised to see the line-up. Yes, I knew The Rolling Stones were playing (by offering to sling chicken at the event for a street food trading friend I’m getting to see them) but the opening night is headlined by Bon Jovi supported by the likes of  The Futureheads, Bush and the Kaiser Chiefs. Just think about it, Bon Jovi Hyde Park in July, the sun shining as you sit back with an ice cold drink…nice eh?

Barclaycard BST Hyde Park LogoNow, much to the ridicule of some, I’m looking forward to going along to see The Rocket Man himself, Elton John! Elton is one of those acts I quietly like but have never thought of going to see live before but recently I’ve been over listening to Goodbye Yellow Brick Road which elevated Elton to the bucket list. Support that night is provided by Ray Davies, Elvis Costello, Lucy Rose and Nick Lowe.

If I had a bucket of money I’d also be there on the last night when the mini-festival ends with Lionel Ritchie performing on stage alongside Jennifer Lopez, Al Jarreau and, wait for it, Nile Rodgers and Chic!

It’s not all about music, there’s also comedy from the likes of Paul Chowdhry, Charlie Baker and Kerry Godliman so if you missed out on Glastonbury or the idea of camping thrills you with dread, head for a London festival that allows you to party in a field and sleep in your own bed a few hours later!

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