It’s All In The Name

All In A Name

It’s not very often I post two days in a row but as I mentioned in yesterday’s post there were quite a few bits of new music getting listened to over the last few weeks, some of which I liked more than others.

One of the ones I liked was a cracking techno EP that was released yesterday on the Pushing Red label, you may recall they were responsible for ASC’s EP back in February.

The EP in question is from Martsman, although his bank manager probably only knows him as Martin Heinze.

Martin is a German based DJ, Producer and A&R man for a Drum&Bass, Electronica and Experimental music net label.

Who are all these people with better time management skills than me?

The Shrank / NYCD EP contains 2 sublime techno tracks which come in at 126bpm and 123bpm respectively but you’d never know it.

In Shrank you could tell this was a drum and bass guy doing techno; it has a delicious blend of both, each so subtle you wouldn’t know if one was stronger than the other. I particularly liked the contrast of the industrial bass sounds interacting with the more free spirited hi-hats.

NYCD on the other hand was a trippier affair, with it’s dub influence it complements Shrank well thereby making it a worthy addition to anyone’s digital, or vinyl, collection. I fully expect to hear this EP getting dropped in a squat rave somewhere in East London very soon! Thumbs up for Pushing Red and Martsman!

Why not have a listen for yourself. Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments.

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Little Hackney - Stella Creasy

If my Twitter timeline is to be believed, the good people of Walthamstow were feeling particularly aggrieved that an estate agent had the audacity to describe Walthmastow as Little Hackney.

The reason it made me chuckle was probably because most of my time spent in London has been fairly nomadic. I’ve lived North, South, East and West in squats and luxury mansions and plenty in-between which possibly explains why I don’t hold any great attachment to an area.

After looking at the full ad I was further amused because they mention Hackney several times going as far as to emphasis the train can get you to there. You can tell they most probably drive a sporty company car when they say, “The br line will take you into Liverpool Street via Hackney.”

Have they never experienced privatised travel on the rail network? People would rather we had good old BR back again.

Interestingly, the Hackney station it stops at, Hackney Downs, has an area opposite which is being developed into an apartment complex with shops.

When the development started I looked at the website to see how much the properties were. £1.5m for a 1 bed flat, £2m for a 2 bed flat and £2.5m for a 3 bed flat. Slightly outside my price bracket but I’m sure they’ll be snapped up.

Anyway, this development, less than 100metres from Hackney Downs station. Where do you think the developer advertises it to be?

No, not Little Hackney. They say the development is in Trendy Dalston. Anyone who is familiar with London will understand why I was amused.

I’m probably destined to rent for the duration of my time in London. Whilst a mortgage would no doubt be cheaper than rent, quite how I’m supposed to save £300,000 (the 20% deposit banks want) for my 1 bed flat in Hackney/Trendy Dalston is anyone’s guess.

What I will say however, is if I had over a million to spend on a home I’d much rather go look for country houses for sale instead of buying a shoebox in central London.

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