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We Begin At The Beginning…

Do we? Begin at the beginning, I mean. Common sense says anything you start has to start at the beginning but of course you and I know that one thing common sense isn’t is common. If it were, we wouldn’t be in this mess we find ourselves in, the World over.

Whether it’s Trump implementing policies affecting not just the USA but the World to Brexit, that affects not just the UK but Europe, or rather those countries grouped together under the EU umbrella, that we’re now told the will of the people have decided they don’t like standing under so we’re going to soak up that rain and bathe in it’s misery.

That will by the way is the often touted 52%. What we should always take into account is that it is really 52% of the 71.8% of people who were eligible and who bothered to vote, or 37.34% of the population in real percentages. Read More→

When you have nothing nice to say…

It seems that all over the globe people are forgetting that adage that their parents were forever telling them as children. It’s better to say nothing if what you have to say isn’t nice.

Americans are experiencing it with Donald Trump who has made people believe it is not only acceptable but mandatory to wear their bigotry as a giant rosette, proudly affixed to themselves for all the World to see.  Meanwhile here in the UK we have friends, families and communities at each others throats over the referendum due to be held on 23 June over whether the UK should leave or remain a member of the EU.

On both counts it’s hard to escape the inflammatory language from both sides and in both cases that includes factions allegedly on the same side. Turn on the television, open a ‘news’ paper, log in to Facebook or scan your Twitter timeline and you’ll know what I mean. I am right and you are wrong vs. NO, I am right and YOU are wrong.  Read More→

Confessions of a Right Wing Communist

Up In SmokeI tend not to blog too much about politics mainly because it’s draining on the soul to write and invariably riles others to read resulting in a  lot of angry people. However, having said that, events in the UK over the last week or so have failed to leave me feeling anything but angry and frustrated.

Now, before anyone says “Hey it’s politics, what did you expect?” I know. I should have known better than to believe that politicians would adhere to decent principles of right and wrong. My bad.

So what am I talking about? In this instance the Workfare débâcle that you may have seen mentioned in the press and on Social Media. It all started in February when the Conservative led Coalition Government were found to have acted illegally in forcing claimants of unemployment benefit to work unpaid for large multi-national companies, many of whom were donors to the Conservative Party.

Now, the issue of working for your benefit is a lengthy topic in itself and one I’m not going to focus too much on here other than to say I’m not advocating that those on benefit should just sit back and wait for their weekly payment. For a lot of them getting some work experience is key to getting them into work. Who doesn’t remember the scenario of leaving school and applying for jobs and being told that lack of experience is what prevented you getting a job?

What I do take issue with however is forcing people to work 40 hours a week with no compensation for their time. Currently JSA (Job Seekers Allowance) is £71.00 per week for the majority of adults, not a huge deal of money when you think about it really and certainly not what anyone would expect to receive for working 40 hours a week. Given the unemployment levels in the UK at the moment why would companies like McDonalds, Boots, Superdrug, Argos, Sainsburys and Poundland spend money recruiting and paying staff when they can get free labour from the Government?

I digress, claimants who didn’t or refused to work for free had their benefit sanctioned or in plain English, stopped. This is what the judges at the Royal Courts of Justice found to have been illegal. They stated that Iain Duncan Smith, the Work and Pensions Secretary, had not given unemployed people enough information with regard their rights to appeal against being made to work up to 780 hours unpaid and the penalties they faced should they opt not to do so. The judges ruled that under section 17a of the 1995 Jobseekers Act as amended in 2009, the Secretary of State could not do as he saw fit and had to lay the details of the those programmes before parliament. Read More→

Just Another Sunny Day In Paradise

Unless you’re in the UK you might not get the significance of today’s update. If there’s one thing there hasn’t been much of, it’s sun!

I set out for work this morning unaware that there was a strike taking place by bus drivers. I’m not sure how I feel about it to be honest; the reason for the strike is basically the bus driver unions are complaining that their members will have to work harder during the Olympics so as a result they should get bonuses and the £500-£600 being offered is not enough.

Now, I have a lot more respect for bus drivers than tube drivers; on the underground you have no-one competing with you; bus drivers on the other hand have lunatic motorists, cyclists and taxi-drivers. I include taxi-drivers in a league of their own because quite honestly they are a law unto themselves. I have never quite fathomed why they feel they have priority over everyone else but 99% of them act as if they own the road and everyone else should clear off! Read More→

I Blew Up The United States

I don’t usually start with the song that donated the blog title but I figured that over time it may be picked up by search engines by an altogether different group of reader. So, in case one of those readers should stumble upon here expecting something and then finding themselves bitterly disappointed I thought it best to stick the song on first so those with other things to find can piss off sooner rather than later.

Well, if you’re still reading this, hello. The weekend has brought as plenty of verbiage on the whole Yemeni bomb story. Cargo planes, passenger planes, toner cartridges, mobile phone detonators…the theories have been wild and plentiful with right wing nutjobs advocating the annihilation of the Middle East thereby making the place safer for all, once we’ve taken all the oil first and left wing nutjobs asking why we can’t all just get along nicely, once we’ve annihilated all the capitalist scum whose greed has ruined mankind.

For me, a plain old nutjob, it was just too good an excuse to get The Bone Shakers into the blog on Halloween, Hello? Give me some credit for the thought that meanders into this blog sometimes!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the track. Just remember…BASS NOT BOMBS!